The Goodman School of Business is in it to win it



The Goodman School of Business continues to thrive as students participated in the annual JDC Central competition earlier this month, taking home fourth-place overall in the Academic Cup and the ‘School of the Year’ title.

JDC Central, one of Canada’s largest business competitions, is a three-day event that took place from Jan. 30 to Feb. 2 in Toronto, showcasing academics, athletics, school spirit and charity. Forty-seven of Goodmans’ top students, ranging from first to fourth-year, competed against 14 business schools across Ontario and Eastern Canada, most of them being much larger in comparison. The Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS) oversees the event, with Goodman graduate Marcela Cuenca, as well as Chris Jackson, stepping up to chair this year’s competition.

There are eight different categories in which students participate, including parliamentary-style debates, sports tournaments, and academic and social competitions. The academic portion featured a five to 25-page case study that students were given three hours to analyze with no additional resources or help. Competitors were then given 15 to 20-minutes to present their findings to a panel of industry experts. Collectively, Goodman took home five trophies, including recognition for the following teams:

Accounting Team – First-place overall
Finance Team – First-place overall
Marketing Team – First-place overall
Human Resources Team – Third-place overall

Debate Team – Third place overall

Wilfrid Laurier University took home the ‘School of the Year’ title, placing first, with John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) and Rowe School of Business (Dalhousie University) placing second and third, respectively.

Anthony Marotta, who was one of two co-captains of the Goodman team, recognized the stiff competition going into the event. However, he believes that our business students are always up for a challenge.

“JDC Central is extremely competitive. Our teams began training and practicing in May 2014, and our results confirm that we are more than capable of competing with the top business schools in Canada,” said Marotta.

“Even more so, the competition is an opportunity for the best and brightest business schools to come together and unite for a weekend. Supporting one another through school cheers is a key highlight of the weekend. It also provides an outlet for students to supplement the classes they take with an amazing extra-curricular experience.”

The Goodman School of Business has become quite reputable within the Greater Toronto Area for its programs, spirit, community, as well as its accomplishments, continuing to grow as an institution. The school maintains the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation, which fewer than five per cent of the world’s business programs have, and recently being accredited by Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA).

“We are becoming recognized as a top Canadian business school. Our students attend competitions both nationally and internationally, in which we continually excel, adding to the value of a degree from this school,” said Marotta.

The school also hosts events throughout the year, including 5 Days for the Homeless, raising over $15,000 for Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold last year. Organized by Brock’s Business Students’ Association (BSA), this week-long national campaign will take place from Mar. 8 to 13, with a benefit concert on Mar. 9.

If you’re a business student and think you have what it takes to be part of next year’s team, apply to compete in next years’ JDC Central competition. Eligible students must be in the BBA, BAcc or Dual Degree program to apply. Visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter at GoodmanJDCC.

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