The first annual Broscars Awards

Oscar Statues on display at the Time War

In recognition of the best and brightest parts of the ever-evolving culture on our campus

Once again, the first year of the ever-famous and utterly glamorous Broscars Awards returns to highlight the best and brightest in student culture at Brock University. As with every year, this premiere iteration was at times contentious, but not without its near-unanimous victories, as will be elaborated upon below. To sound your own voice in agreement or opposition to the winning selections this year, please tweet @TheBrockPress with your thoughts on better picks and other categories.

Weirdest on-campus structure
For the 23rd year in a row, and for every year that it has been eligible in the category, “She Wolf”, better known as the “Bullet”, once again holds the title of the weirdest on-campus structure. Despite being unchanged since its addition to the campus in the roundabout field, the sculpture once again beats out the ever confusing Mackenzie Chown complex, and that one in front of the Schmon Tower – you know, with, like, the big cats on it?

Most anticipated addition to the campus
Winning with landslide support from the voting community is the ever-delayed statue of Brock himself, to be inserted in front of the Schmon Tower sometime this spring, probably. While some have high hopes that the likeness of our namesake will knock the Bullet out of the “Weirdest” category, it is no doubt unlikely. Unless the realization of the Niagara hero is particularly avant garde — perhaps riding a flying moose and dual-wielding a pair of flaming, neon-pink badger (a design for which, it should be noted, there are no plans) — it’s hard see how a conservative interpretation of Brock could be weirder than the six-legged “Bullet”.

Best unintentionally-kept campus secret
While in previous years this title has been awarded to the underground tunnel network, the on-campus aviary and the ever controversial Thunderdome (located just off-shore the north-eastern edge of Lake Moodie), this year the winner is Alphie’s Trough. The once alumni-only, on-campus restaurant is located north of the Thistle complex and is now open to all students and the community, and still rarely requires those without reservations to wait for a table. Check it out before the inevitable fame from this prestigious award overtakes the establishment.

Most significant case of journalistic sell-out in this newspaper
This was an easy pick for anyone with a vote. Embracing a new generation of formatting for internet journalism as popularized by the likes of Buzzfeed was a somewhat difficult process for the staff. In an effort to better reach the younger students and new generations, The Brock Press has adopted “listicles”. Despite being entirely unable to include gifs in the print edition, combining articles with lists has given a face-lift to the once sagging Extra Extra section. See: The Brocktopus, in nearly every issue this year.

People’s Choice: favourite part of the year
Narrowly beating out the release of T-Swift’s latest album and Kim Kardashian’s photo shoot for Paper magazine is the universally-acclaimed Monday snow day, which took place just weeks ago on Feb 2. Staff and students alike appreciated the chance to sleep in, catch up on Property Brothers and eat peanut butter right out

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