Record-breaking results in 2015/2016 BUSU elections



Now that the buzz amid the BUSU executive and Board of Directors elections in Academic South and Mackenzie Chown has died down, the newly elected candidates eagerly await the beginning of their term.

Each of the 17 candidates put forth a strong campaign, with platform points that concentrated on various issues across campus and advocated for students’ voices. With that said, the following candidates have been elected:

Kyle Rose – 71.28 per cent of votes

Vice-president, External Affairs (VPEA)
Antonio Sergi – 35.94 per cent of votes

Vice-president, Finance and Administration (VPFA)
Spencer Dawson – 65.9 per cent of votes

Vice-president, Student Services (VPSS)
Brian Horvath – 31.28 per cent of votes

Board of Directors (One-year term)
Kelsey Craig – 37.88 per cent of votes
Olivier Kayitaba – 30.39 per cent of votes

Board of Directors (Two-year term)
Geraldine Rieger – 76.41 per cent of votes

With a record-breaking 5,160 votes (28.4 per cent of students) being cast from Feb. 10 to 12, Chief Returning Officer (CRO), Jimmy Norman believes that the voter turnout was made possible through the relationship between three main parties.

“The candidates, BUSU’s marketing outreach, and the relationship we have with Brock drives the amount of votes that are cast during elections. I give almost all of the credit to the candidates for all of their hours spent in the halls, promoting their platforms and connecting with students. The relationship with Brock’s marketing department also had a major impact in our push for voter turnout,” said Norman.

“Our online voting switch is proving to be effective. Hopefully students are becoming more engaged with the elections process at Brock.”

One week after the results were announced, the following candidates expressed their gratitude to students, what their learning curves taught them, as well as their immediate plans to get the ball rolling on their platform points.

“Some of the biggest lessons as this years’ VPFA were in corporate and political governance, professionalism, organisational leadership and finance,” said Rose. “Moving into the new role of President, I am extremely confident that all of these skills will prove useful. This will be my biggest opportunity to lead thus far and I’m excited, as leadership is a passion of mine.”

“One thing I believe that I did better this year than in previous years was the way in which I interpreted the feedback and discussions I was part of,” said Sergi, who ran in previous BUSU executive elections. “I was able to adapt strategies and initiatives learned through my past experiences, allowing me to develop an action plan to address those needs, wants and interests.”

“What I feel separated me most from my competition was my ability to inform students on what I planned to do if elected,” said Horvath, who ran a tight race against four other candidates for the VPSS position. “I made sure to take full advantage of presenting to classes, clubs and sports teams in order to reach more students. In terms of what I plan to accomplish first, it’s definitely to bring more microwaves to campus.”

“Out of the thousands of students who go to Brock, it takes an individual of special courage and character to run for office,” said Kayitaba. “My greatest pleasure came from meeting and talking to Brock students. They believed in my vision, felt my passion and knew that I was the candidate who has their best interest at heart.”

“The students empowered me to become a force of change through their innovative ideas and their personal drive. I would like to re-evaluate the finances of BUSU and other entities, if necessary, in hopes that we can cut any cost that could greatly impact the students’ financial strain,” said Craig.

The excitement isn’t over yet, as BUSU is gearing up to host the BUSAC, Senate and Board of Trustees elections. Nomination packages are available from Feb. 23 to Mar. 6 at the BUSU reception desk. For details, email Jimmy Norman at

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