Brock Musical Theatre puts final touches on Little Shop of Horrors


Brock Musical Theatre is more excited than ever as their month-end debut approaches


With only weeks until performances begin, Brock Musical Theatre is feeling the pressure but could not be more excited to present their rendition of Little Shop of Horrors in the David S. Howes Theatre.

Directors and senior members of Brock Musical Theatre (BMT) Cordell Piper and Janelle Hazelton have been working closely with each cast-member and are excited to see the production come together so quickly and efficiently.

“At this point, we’ve finished the entire show, so now it’s just a matter of running it again and again to make sure everything flows nicely,” said Piper. “We’ve kind of taken it a little bit farther away from the classic musical. It’s a horror show so we’ve added more horror elements to it, so anyone who comes to the show is going to see that blend of musical theatre with horror theatre.

This includes the character Audrey, the bizarre and terrifying plant that wreaks havoc in the play. The cast has just recently begun working with all four versions of Audrey, from when it is merely a small potted plant to its final form which is large enough to actually eat people.

The role is played by two actors; Alex Turner is puppeteering all four versions of Audrey and Angelina Colosimo is providing the voice. For a role so complex, the collaboration between both actors has been going smoothly.

“I’ve wanted to be a voice actress for a long time, so this has been a great experience,” said Colosimo.
The voice of Audrey is typically played by a male but Colosimo was chosen based on her unique voice that the directors thought would be fitting for their version of Audrey.

“It’s interesting to see what their idea of Audrey is and in this case she’s this sassy seductress and it works so well,” said Turner.

Turner puppeteers each version of Audrey, which has been taxing, but the excitement has outweighed the physical burden that comes with the role.

“I had to actually do some weight training for this part, because it’s very physically demanding by the time I have to use the third and fourth version of Audrey,” said Turner. “But this is one of my favourite musicals and I wanted to play this character so it’s really exciting.”

“Over the last couple weeks it’s been really cool to see him working the puppet. He’s great at making the mouth move while I’m speaking,” said Colosimo. “We’re so in sync and we’re going to be even more in sync by the time the show starts.”

Aside from the horror elements, the cast doesn’t seem to be afraid at all in terms of where the production is headed. They are in the process of putting the final touches together and making sure everything from the choreography to the set is ready.

“BMT has been managed beautifully this year,” said Evan Vatri, who will be playing the floral shop owner, Mr. Mushnik. “Every show has its hiccups but the cast has really banded together to work through everything and this year has gone very smoothly. It feel like just yesterday we were starting our rehearsals and now we’re already starting the band and I’m just so excited to keep going.”

Little Shop of Horrors will be taking place in the David S. Howes Theatre on Feb. 27 at 7:00 p.m., Feb. 28 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. as well as Mar. 1 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Tickets are only $15.00 and can be purchased at the Centre for the Arts Box Office or online at Find Brock Musical Theatre on Facebook for updates prior to the show.

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