UNICEF is going from 0 to 100, real quick


With hip-hop artist Drake’s recent appointment as the “Global Ambassador” for the Toronto Raptors franchise, it was no surprise that the team hosted a “Drake Night” featuring a half-time DJ from OVO’s own Future the Prince. With Drake’s popularity having only increased since then, UNICEF Brock hopes to bring all the excitement of “Drake Night” to campus on Jan. 23.


Beginning at 9:00 p.m., UNICEF Brock’s Drake Night will be taking place at Isaac’s Bar & Grill. All proceeds from this all-age dance event will be donated to UNICEF Canada, a charitable organization that works tirelessly to help children and their families. UNICEF provides children with what they need to survive, including healthcare, clean water, nutrition, food security, education and emergency relief – regardless of politics, religion or race.

“All of the proceeds raised will be for charity, so come support a wonderful cause and show your love for Drake,” said Saumik Biswas, the President of UNICEF Brock. “You don’t want to miss this!”

Biswas helped to initiate the club on campus back in 2012. Since its inception, UNICEF Brock has worked on-campus to raise money and generate awareness for children living in poor conditions.

Last year, UNICEF Brock hosted a popular Masquerade Dance, which raised nearly $1500 dollars. Despite their success in the past, the club hopes to attract even more students and raise an even larger amount of money this time around. This year’s dance is a collaborative effort and a result of hard work by the UNICEF executive team, UNICEF club members, Brock students and members of the community. “There will be special performances, raffle draws, and various contests that will enhance the night,” said Biswas. “Be sure to stop by because UNICEF Brock guarantees you a night you will not forget.”

Biswas also encourages students attending the event to bring any non-perishable items they wish to donate such as new toys, medication, first aid supplies and personal care products. All of these items will be given to Solidarity Experiences Abroad (SEA), which offers students at Brock a chance to travel the world and explore different realms of social justice. SEA will be taking the collected items and donating them to children in Peru.

“I witness first hand how charity organizations like UNICEF can make such a great difference in a country,” said Biswas. “Observing UNICEF workers providing educational tool and various health campaigns to the locals in a rural village in Bangladesh really inspired me to take interest in global issues.”

All Brock students can help raise funds for UNICEF Canada, simply by going to Isaac’s this Friday. Executives and volunteers will have a table set up near the Computer Commons between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m. until Jan. 22. Admission will only cost $3, so tickets are bound to go quickly. If you are unable to buy a ticket, make sure you email unicefbrock@busu.net for more information, as in the case of sell-out, there will be no tickets available at the door. Non-Brock students are also welcome to attend the dance, as long as a current Brock student accompanies them. UNICEF Brock works tirelessly throughout the year to help raise the money that helps to facilitate the difference being made by UNICEF around the world. Their next big event will take place in February when they will be selling roses in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Make sure to follow UNICEF Brock on facebook.com/brockunicef and on Twitter @UNICEFBrock to stay up-to-date with all of their upcoming events.

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