Toronto Dance Theatre comes full circle and performs at Brock


Toronto Dance Theatre will be returning to Brock University’s Centre for the Arts this February for what will be its final performance in the David S. Howes Theatre. This is Toronto Dance Theatre’s 16th time performing at Brock since their first performance on our stage on December 3, 1970.

Having been led by Christopher House since 1994, Toronto Dance Theatre has produced a repertoire of original Canadian choreography without rival. This year, they will be performing a show titled A Rare Mix, a compilation of the shows they’ve done at Brock over the past 20 years under House’s direction and partnership with the Centre for the Arts.

Contained with A Rare Mix are many favourite pieces from the group such as Early Departures (1992), Four Towers (1993), Vena Cava (1999), and Pond Skaters (2013) to top it off.

Early Departures was created by House in the midst of turmoil in Toronto surrounding the HIV pandemic, which still haunts the city to this day. Within its formal structure, a range of human emotion is revealed, which is known to accompany the devastating reality of early deaths due to the disease. New York Times described the performance stating “rarely has dance suggested a sense of male bonding so mysteriously and so effectively”.

Four Towers (1993) was inspired by the music of Robert Moran,composer of the opera From the Towers of the Moon. It is comprised of four contrasting movements, which “convey a delicate feeling of grace and fragility, sadness and freedom”, according to The Ottawa Citizen. A past audience favourite, Vena Cava, was also set to the musical composition of Robert Moran. It is a classical kinetic piece, also by House, described as “high-energy, high-flying contemporary movement”, this performance is both fast and thrilling.

The newest of the four plays, Pond Skaters, was created by celebrated Belgian choreographer Thomas Hauert. The Toronto Star described this performance as “extraordinary, as if their intertwined limbs became an organic whole”. It features five dancers who improvise their independent parts within a disciplined framework that maintains the cohesion between them.

Toronto Dance Theatre’s A Rare Mix will be playing on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale now in the Centre for the Arts box office. They can be contacted at 905-688-5550 ext. 3257. Discounted tickets are available for college/university students for $20. Visit for more details.

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4 thoughts on “Toronto Dance Theatre comes full circle and performs at Brock

  1. … thank you for removing the paragraph that denoted the following: “… it is sad to see such an era come to an end. However, that is all the more reason to see this show while they are still performing.”

    … however, I question the following from the first paragraph as well, namely: “for what will be its final performance at the David S. Howes Theatre” — and — “now 45 years later they are moving on”.


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