How much can you grab in a 30-second shopping spree?



Have you ever heard of the game show Supermarket Sweep? Picture a timed race through a supermarket, with contestants running wildly from aisle to aisle, trying to grab as many items as they can before the time runs out. Potato chips go flying and grocery carts tip over as each contestant tries to out shop the other. Sounds like fun, right?

During Frost Week 2015, Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) is bringing all of that fun and excitement to the General Brock store with their GB Supermarket Sweep Contest. As fans of Supermarket Sweep, BUSU decided that anybody who made a purchase at General Brock during exams or the first week of January would receive a chance to win a 30-second shopping spree on Jan. 15.

“We’ve always wanted to do something really fun and exciting in our General Brock Store,” said Chris Green, the manager for Marketing and Communications at BUSU. “We will be filming with two cameras and Go-Pro’s on each of the contestants”.

While the Go-Pro footage is sure to be equal parts exciting and hilarious, make sure you go to General Brock on Jan. 15 at 2:00 p.m. to witness the action for yourself. Three lucky winners will have 30 seconds to race around the store and grab as many items as they can. The contestant that grabs the most dollars worth of product will get to keep the items, free of charge. The remaining two contestants will receive swag packs and gift cards.

Luckily, the Supermarket Sweep is not the only bargain to be found at General Brock. The store also has a host of other amazing deals, for those students who are unable to compete in the contest.

“We have so many student friendly prices and deals like our newly launched 4 combos for $4 (tax included) that students just aren’t aware of, “ said Green. “We have Booster Juice, Mega Bus Tickets, hot foods, health foods, over the counter medical supplies and, in my opinion, the best on-campus Coffee, Badger Brew”.

In addition to great products and even better prices, General Brock boasts a wonderful location. The store is just steps away from both Welch Hall and the Zone, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends between classes or to kick back and relax after a workout. There are several cosy lounges and a variety of different foods, including vegan and gluten-free options.

General Brock is also student owned and operated, which means every dollar you spend at the store benefits your fellow students. The store’s student-centric business model also provides a great atmosphere.

“We have a such an energetic and fun student staff working there,” said Green. “We wanted to run a promotion/contest that they would enjoy and hopefully one that embodied the spirit and feel of the store”.
One of General Brock’s student-staff, Bryce Soltys, agreed with this statement, but he also said “It can be chill, relaxing place where you can hang out and have lunch at the same time.”

General Brock has something to offer for everyone, so make sure you drop by the store during Frost Week 2015.

Follow @General_Brock on Twitter and check them out online at to keep up-to-date with their latest deals and events.

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