Movie review: Horrible Bosses 2


Once again we meet the beloved characters of Nick, Kurt and Dale and their crazy antics in Horrible Bosses 2.

The men are tired of answering to their overbearing bosses (sounds familiar) and decide the best way to combat their work woes is to start their own business as to become their own bosses. Things take a turn for the worst when their investor, played by Christoph Waltz, decides to pull out his money, leaving the trio half a million dollars in debt.

Similarly to the first film, Nick, Kurt and Dale come up with a scheme, but this time, instead of trying to kill their bosses, they decide to kidnap the investor’s son, Rex, played by Chris Pine, and put him up for ransom. Interestingly enough, Rex agrees to help the men with their plot and hopes to take $5 million from his own father.

For the most part, like most comedy sequels, the film takes most of its plot from the original film, However, where the first was quite witty and original, the second lacks the same comedic fortitude. This film seemed to make far too much use of offensive jokes that hardly fit with the film. Bateman, Sudeikis and Day are still extremely funny in this movie and are still engaged with their characters even though the film was somewhat of a flop.

As far as the story itself is concerned, the plot deals very little with there being any “horrible bosses” but rather shows our three protagonists as being the “bad guys” this time around. Former characters played by Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston are also included in the film as well as Jamie Foxx, but don’t really bring anything new and exciting to this film. This time around, Jennifer Aniston plays a supporting role but is still the same sex-crazed fiend that she was in the first movie. Jamie Foxx is once again hilarious in his character as “MF” Jones, but no more than he was in the first film.

If you enjoyed the first movie, or like any of the actors in the film, then I would suggest going to see it for the humour, but don’t expect it to be nearly as good as the first. The best parts of the film are Jason Bateman’s iconic sarcasm, Charlie Day’s goofy antics, Jason Sudeikis’s typical charm and humour. They’re good at what they do in any movie. The film is good for a few laughs, but is definitely disappointing as a sequel to the first.

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