Letter to the Editor

This Letter to the Editor is in regard to an article published on brockpress.com on November 19, 2014.

I have read Professor Kittosa’s opinion piece entitled “Black Face at Brock: Is it racist if they didn’t mean it?”, and while I have no comment to offer regarding the incidents of racism at Brock University (troubling though they may be), I take exception with the statements pertaining to Sir Isaac Brock.

The article leads us to believe that Sir Isaac Brock is somehow part of the problem, as “the issue of slavery and blackness run deep in their connection to Brock University.” I, however, fail to see such a connection, despite Sir Isaac Brock’s so-called “sexual liaison with a Ghanaian princess” who had somehow become his cook. Without going into details, I can assure Professor Kittosa that this claim does not stand up to scrutiny.

Having spent the better part of fifteen years researching the life of Sir Isaac Brock, I am well aware of the story involving Almany Malawice and I am inclined to dismiss it as nothing more than a family tradition rooted in wishful thinking.

A DNA test might be employed to settle the matter, as Sir Isaac Brock’s collateral descendants have expressed their willingness to participate in such a study. The onus is then on the family of Almany Malawice.

In any case, Sir Isaac Brock should not be dragged into controversies which could not possibly concern him.

–Guy St. Denis

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