Lack of attendance turns AGM into information session

BUSU held their second annual general meeting (AGM) of the school year on Jan. 21 in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre, at which only 27 students were in attendance, turning the meeting into an information session as quorum was not met.

Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) executives went over their platform points, discussing projects that they have completed and the remaining objectives on their agenda for the term.

Kyle Rose, Vice-president of Finance and Administration, discussed one of his popular platform points, the issue of transportation in the city and region.

“Seamless transit has been a problem in St. Catharines for the last 50 years. Part of the effort is to unite the transit system in the Niagara region,” said Rose. “We’ve done a lot of work in talking with councillors in helping this project move forward.”

This year alone, five transit changes were made, affecting the 122 Brock – Pen Centre, 28 Brock – Towpath, 29 Brock – Keefer, 30 Brock – Sullivan and 128 Brock – Towpath – Rockwood, all to ensure that students could take the bus to and from school with ease. Vice-president of Student Services, Paul Dermody, has been working on ‘Badgerizing’ the campus this year, as well as the addition of wellness days and new programming.

“In terms of the rest of my platform, we’re working on trying something different through alternative programming,” said Dermody. “It’s becoming difficult for BUSU to function as an entertainment department, so we need to look for alternative funding, whether through a levy or outside sponsors.”

After co-authoring and publishing an Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) policy paper on accountability, Vice-president of External Affairs, Drew Ursacki, still has several projects lined up.

“I’m currently writing a policy paper on LGBTQ rights, which should be published in March,” said Ursacki. “I’m still working on creating a central finance database where students could access information about their student fees all in one area.”

President Roland Erman’s projects left for the rest of the year include running focus groups to determine what faculty and administration would like to see in the new student union building in the Weather Station Field and creating a website with information that can be released to the community about the new President of Brock.

“We’re continually looking for ways that we can create more diversity sensitivity on campus in light of incidents that happened earlier this year, by creating a diversity task force, which is a committee that is comprised of students from BUSU, faculty and admin members,” said Erman. “We are also working on a project called ‘50 for 50’, which is a time capsule project that has 50 items related to our 50th anniversary and will be opened at our 100th anniversary. Submissions are welcomed from everyone.”

Looking forward, executives will continue to market the AGM through outlets that they used this year, including posters, tabling in Mackenzie Chown, a live chat, reaching out to ratified clubs, classroom announcements and flyers. BUSU welcomes any suggestions in regards to the platforms discussed and the issue of low attendance.

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