The HSA is gearing up for an exciting year

Humanities at Brock University contains numerous programs and academic fields, all operating as individual microcosms within the confines of the department. In an effort to unify the various fields of intellectual engagement, the HSA is hosting a Speaker and Social Event for all students on Wednesday, Jan. 21 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in Alphie’s Trough.

The BUSU ratified club was created in 2012/2013 as a collective entity by which all humanities students can find networking opportunities and resources to assist them academically. The Humanities Students’ Association (HSA) also operates in a collaboration between students and the Dean of Humanities Dr. Douglas Kneale, and the Assistant Dean, Dr. Brian Power. The HSA hopes that with the help of Kneale and Power, the needs of humanities students will be better voiced within the administration. Despite housing other student-run associations, such as the Classics Students’ Association (CSA) and the English Students’ Association (ESA) within the department, HSA President Liam Campbell is confident in the long-term success of the organization because of what they offer for all students.

“The HSA is a unifying body to assist students with more depth and to encourage a proud population of students within the Brock community”’ said Campbell. “We want to facilitate a consistent dialogue between various associations. To help promote each other’s events as a way to provide maximum opportunities for student participation and success”.

The Speaker and Social Event, the HSA’s first real promotion, will provide students with the chance to listen to a variety of speakers with first hand experience in the field of Humanities, allowing for unique insights into an often misunderstood academic study. Among the speakers will be professors discussing the potential of a career in academic humanities, as well as grad students to discuss life after being in the Faculty of Humanities. The keynote speaker of the evening is Brock alumni David MacKenzie, a successful local actor and playwright who lent his theatrical knowledge to the creation of the much-loved board game, Trivial Pursuit. The remainder of the night will allow students to converse with the speakers, as well as network between the various programs within the department.

“There are great skills available through humanities programs, such as critical thinking, creativeness and social literacy, but students often don’t have a direct path to a job after graduation, and that makes them worry”’ said Campbell. “This event will hopefully show that students need not worry that they may not know what they want to do after graduation, but that in fact they have many different options to pursue as a career”.

The HSA is hoping that the Speaker and Social Event will help to generate interest in the community, and are selling memberships for $5. Memberships will allow students to access various events throughout the year, such as workshops, other speakers, meet and greets, and humanities-themed excursions.

For more information on the HSA and future events, stay tuned to the their Facebook page at

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