If you can walk and talk, you can work at Brock


It doesn’t matter what your major is or what year you are in; getting a part-time job can really benefit your future. Having a job prepares you for the professional atmosphere of life after university: you gain useful skills in networking, organization and work ethic, not to mention a few extra dollars to hide under the mattress. But as a student, the free time we have comes sporadically and it isn’t often conducive to part-time work. This is why Brock has a wealth of on-campus jobs that can fit into your schedule without stretching you too thin. Various departments around campus will be hiring for the 2015/2016 school year up until the end of March.

Recreation Services
Recreation Services is a great place to find both a job and a healthy lifestyle. The largely student-run department is dedicated to safe and inclusive fitness opportunities and they help organize and maintain things like intramural sports and the Zone. If you are passionate about physical health and being active, working for recreation services may be for you. Positions are being filled for the 2015/2016 year that include personal trainers, lifeguards/instructors, intramural staff, equipment room staff, fitness/spin instructors, welcome desk staff, Children’s Movement staff and PALS/Sports School Spring/Summer staff. The deadline to apply is Jan. 31 and applicants should bring their resumes to the welcome desk inside Walker Complex.

Human Resources Management Association (HRMA)
If you feel comfortable in a suit and tie, the HRMA is hiring executive members for their 2015/2016 year. Although the positions within HRMA are unpaid, these employment opportunities allow students to network with HR industry professionals, gain valuable knowledge and experience, as well as preparing themselves for the corporate world after university. The positions available are President, Vice-President, Vice-President of External Affairs, Vice-President of Internal Affairs, Vice-President of Marketing, Vice-President of Finance, External Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator. The deadline to apply for these positions is Jan. 23. A full description of each position can be found on the Brock HRMA website as well as on CareerZone.

“The HRMA has helped me a lot at Brock, it helps me attend different events, allows me to network with different people at the same time”, said Aadil Raza, current Marketing Coordinator with the HRMA. “It helps me to recognize myself at school and gives me a good professional experience and it also allows me to put something in my resume”.

Student Leadership and Innovations Commons (SLIC)
If you are a passionate and hard-working person, driven to make positive change around campus, then SLIC is where you need to apply. This group of individuals participates in many various activities to improve the overall student experience at Brock and provide them with resources to improve on their leadership skills for the future. Included in the list of employment opportunities are Administration and Customer Service Assistant, Programs Coordinator, Programs Assistant, ExperienceBU and Campus Partnerships Coordinator, ExperienceBU Campus Partnerships Assistant, Event and Volunteer Coordinator, Event and Volunteer Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, Community Outreach and Service-Learning Coordinator, Community Outreach and Service-Learning Assistant, First-year Experience/SMART Start Team Leader, First Year Experience/SMART Start Team Assistant. There will be an information session on Jan. 20 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Academic South 202. Applications are open until Jan. 23 and can be accessed on ExperienceBU.

For more up-to-date, on-campus job opportunities, log in to CareerZone at careerzone.brocku.ca

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