BUSU and Brock Radio work towards repairing their relationship

Brittany Brooks/The Brock Press

Brittany Brooks/The Brock Press

For BUSAC’s first meeting of the new year, councillors efficiently worked through their agenda on Jan. 7, with BUSR presenting to the board.

In November, Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) President Roland Erman met with constituents from Brock University Students’ Radio (BUSR) to discuss their plan going forward. Up until this point, the relationship between BUSU and BUSR has been on the rocks, with Brock Radio having removed one BUSU and one BUSAC councilor seat and replacing it with two student seats on their Board of Directors.

Matt Dalzell, BUSR Board of Directors member and community volunteer, gave the presentation that evening, citing that the reason they decided to remove the BUSAC councilor seats ultimately came down to reliability. According to David, from past experience, councillors would skip meetings, making their membership unproductive to the board. By replacing their seats with additional student seats, the board hopes to increase the student voice within the organization. Students who have met the basic volunteer requirements are eligible to sit on the board.

“We thought that it would make sense, because of the difficulty we were having with attendance, to bring in more students who had demonstrated interest in Brock Radio”, said Dalzell. “The intention wasn’t to be adversarial, it was more about accountability”.

In the last year, BUSR has been working hard to budget their finances after being defunded in 2013. Despite the cut, the organization is accountable to BUSAC until all student funds from previous years are used.

“We’re being extra careful with budgeting, spending only 8 per cent of the $120,000 we have. At the end of the day, we need the support of Brock. As of right now, between Brock Radio and BUSU, we are starting fresh”, said Dalzell.

BUSU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was also a hot topic throughout the evening, with councillors being reminded of their responsibility to advertise the upcoming winter semester meeting scheduled for Jan. 21. Last semester, student attendance was disappointing, as only 26 students out of a possible 17,000 were present.

Tabling in Mackenzie Chown took place last week on Thursday and Friday and will resume this week
from Monday to Wednesday, in efforts to promote the AGM. Throughout the past year, BUSU has been working hard to increase advertisement for this meeting by hosting a live chat question period on Twitter and creating Facebook events.

Additionally, with Frost Week events taking place this week, many students have been wondering why the traditional headline concert is not part of the schedule.

Vice-president of Student Services (VPSS) Paul Dermody addressed this issue, explaining that due to “timing, finances and the artist, the concert couldn’t take place during this time. We are hoping to book it before Reading Week in February”.

Did you know…

  • All agendas, minutes, reports and supplementary information for BUSAC can be found online at busu.net/representation/busac/minutes-and-reports/
  • BrockTV livestreams all meetings and can be found on brocktv.ca/live
  • BUSU’s Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 2:30 p.m. in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre
  • Only 270 students need to attend the AGM to meet quorum
  • Student voices hold a great amount of power. If quorum is met, ByLaws and standing orders can be amended, and recommendations to the constitution, which is the highest governing university document, can be made

The next scheduled meeting will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 7:00 p.m. on the 13th floor of the Schmon Tower.

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