BUSAC meets amid the buzz of upcoming elections


On Jan. 21, BUSAC convened for the second time this semester, but due to the upcoming elections for the BUSU executive council and Board of Directors some of the usual faces were absent. With more absences expected when campaigning commences on Feb. 2, speaker Chris Ventura began the meeting by discussing the effect the upcoming elections will have on BUSAC.

“I am personally not comfortable running a meeting with only six people,” Ventura said. “I think that’s irresponsible government seeing as we are supposed to be representing everybody.”

After deliberation, BUSAC approved a change to the standing orders regarding councillors who are also participating in the upcoming election. Moving forward, these students will be able to attend BUSAC meetings as spectators, but they will not have speaking or voting privileges in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest. As a result, BUSAC moved to suspend their meeting on Feb. 4 due to the limited number of councillors that will be able to participate.

With the buzz of the upcoming election in the air, BUSU President Roland Erman was happy to announce that Brock has another donor lined up to revitalize the plan to build a turf field. With the possibility of a signature being secured by the end of the week, BUSAC decided to move the issue to referendum once again.

Despite issues surrounding the election pervading the conversation, BUSAC was able to efficiently address other items on the agenda, including three presentations.

The first presentation of the evening was a clubfunding request for Brock National Model United Nations (BNMUN), led by President Alex Hobbs and two of his colleagues. In March, BNMUN hopes to attend the National Model United Nation conference in New York City, an event that is recognized by many prominent world figures.

“It’s an opportunity to debate with other people, to meet politicians, and represent Brock to other universities, many of them across the globe,” said Hobbs.

According to BNMUN, the total cost of the trip would be $2,8414.02 including food, transportation and delegate fees. Since the students planning to attend the conference will already be paying for a portion of the trip, BNMUN requested $9,472.81 in order to offset their costs. After a short debate, BUSAC approved $8,244.35 USD. This money will be given to BNMUN in the Canadian equivalent at the time the funds are drawn.

The Brock University Archeological Society (BUAS), which works closely with the Department of Classics, was next to present a club-funding request. The current President, Rick Mohammed, requested funding for the BUAS Scholarly Symposium, a conference that is expected to attract over 75 students and guests this spring.

“The main goal is to share the wealth of knowledge that these professors have collected from their years of study,” said Mohammed. “Students are given a new perspective and the opportunity to develop relationships with professors.”

While the projected total cost is $4,495.75, BUAS hopes to generate $3,100 in revenue. After deliberation, BUSAC ultimately decided to grant $1,395.75 in funding.

The Business Students’ Association (BSA) took the floor for the final presentation. Instead of requesting funds, the BSA gave a short presentation highlighting the distribution of their own funds.

“Part of my platform was to make the BSA more transparent,” said BSA President Aqib Zia.

BUSAC seemed appreciative of the presentation and several of the councillors thanked Zia for following through with his campaign promise.

Vice-President of External Affairs, Drew Ursacki, reminded those in attendance about the Fall Reading Week survey. Make sure you participate in this survey as it will impact whether Senate chooses to continue Fall Reading Week in the future.

A reminder to all students that the next BUSAC meeting on Feb. 4 is cancelled. For more information visit busu.net/representation/busac

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