The Brocktopus: 8 preferences you have for your life at university


BrocktopusThere are many thousands of students enrolled here at Brock, and it’s unlikely any two of them see the campus, the university and all it has to offer in precisely the same way. Everyone has their own routine, their own priorities, and their own preferences. The following are likely to be high on everyone’s list of favourites in their “Brock experience”; if you have your own, or disagree, be sure to let us know on Twitter @TheBrockPress.

1. On-campus coffee

There’s a lot to consider when picking your brew at Brock University. You know Tim Hortons has dependable quality control, but the lines can be daunting, especially if you have a seminar beginning in less than 10 minutes. The coffee at the General Brock store is cost-effective and varied, but for students at East Academic or primarily based in Mac Chown, it’s a bit out of the way. Luckily, there are so many options: Timmies, General Brock, Guernsey Market, Seattle’s Best courtesy the library, Starbucks at The Daily Grind by BUSU and many more.

2. On-campus meals

Much like coffee, the campus has a lot to offer in terms of food. There’s convenience, via the centralized Guernsey Market, or familiarity in the brand-name offerings at BUSU’s Union Station. You can get pricier but, arguably, better grub at Brock’s own Alphie’s Trough behind the Thistle Complex, or a simple and affordable bagel at the General Brock store.

3. Library study space

It’s a fight between convenience and comfort. Do you take a bad seat near the section of books you’ll need for research, or do you go two floors away to get that prime couch and table real estate? Do you stick to the floor with your preference from #7 within reach because you had a bit too much sriracha last night?

4. Indoor/outdoor travel

Do you bundle up to brave the cold of the great outdoors to get to your next class? Or do you take the long road, traversing the corridors of Mac Chown, Taro Hall and the Welch Hall to keep warm? One gets you there quicker and one gets you there warmer, making it an especially important and common consideration given the real winter that 2015 has brought to campus.

5. Green space

When it isn’t -20°C with the windchill, Brock’s campus is a great place to spend time outdoors. Despite the slew of new buildings raised over the last decade or so, the campus maintains an abundance of green spaces, both sunny and shaded, such as Jubilee Court, Pond Inlet, or along the trails near Alphie’s. Where do you like to get fresh air on campus?

6. Bus seating

Some people like the window seat, others like the aisle. Your standard St. Catharines bus has a lot to offer, especially if you’re one of the first on board. Front-facing or inward facing? At the back (like in grade school, where the cool kids sat), or near the front (because you’re a mature adult)? In the upper section where all the heat gathers, or in the lower section where all the spilled coffee gathers? Each choice tells you a little more about yourself.

7. “Other” seating

The most basic, yet possibly the least likely that anyone would admit to, we all have that one preferred place on campus to do, er, “business”. Featuring less traffic and more privacy than the more central and busy bathroom facilities like those in the Schmon Tower basement, this is your go-to bathroom for when you need to spend a little more time in there. You probably found this toilet on the way to an appointment with a T.A. or Prof in some corner of the Mac Chown complex, or perhaps during a particularly longwinded study session in the library. Don’t blush about it, instead, feel proud that you’re one of thousands of students who also have a bathroom they choose above all others for, um, “secondary resources”.

8. Somewhere only you know

This option may be every other item on this list or perhaps none of them. Everybody who’s attended Brock with some regularity has that one place, that one thing, that one comfort that they hold to and cherish as their own unique facet in their university life. Be proud of it! It’s a defining factor in the relationship you have with Brock University.

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