Brock women’s basketball sweep the weekend, men go 1-1

THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

Credit: The Brock Press/Brittany Brooks

The Badgers men’s basketball team had a great first outing on Friday night as they faced off against Nipissing, handing the Lakers a 76-57 loss in North Bay. Brock opened the game with great energy, ultimately leading by a score of 22-15 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, both teams played a balanced game. Brock began the third quarter on a 15-4 run, holding onto an 18-point lead on Nipissing as they were beating the Lakers by a 51-33 score.

In turn, this lead was enough to prevent Nipissing from coming back for a turnaround, giving Brock their fourth OUA victory in the regular season. Dan Elgadi led the Badgers offense with 13 points and seven rebounds. Matthew Hall finished the game with 11 points and Zachary Angelini came out with 10. Lakers forward Marcos Clennon led all scorers with 16 points and eight rebounds in Nipissing’s beating.

Unfortunately for the men’s basketball team, they couldn’t follow through for a second consecutive night, losing 89-81 to the Laurentian Voyageurs. Contrary to the Friday night game, the first quarter proved to be the most lethal for Brock, as they were outscored 18-12 by Laurentian. In the second quarter, Brock rebounded from their slow start and put up 20 points, with Laurentian scoring 18. In the third quarter, Brock couldn’t match up to Laurentian’s squad, being outscored 26-22. In the fourth quarter, Brock produced their most offensive effort of the game, but remained balanced with Laurentian at 27 points a piece, which wasn’t enough to climb out of their 8-point deficit. Once again, Dani Elgadi led Brock’s offense with a dominant 30-point game, followed by Nolan Mackenzie’s 20-point night. Sam Hirst and Tychon Carter-Newman led Laurentian’s offense with 27 points and 24 points respectively.

The Badgers women’s basketball team had a weekend to remember. On Friday night against Nipissing, Brock sailed by the Lakers in a final score of 74-40. Brock’s defense played a crucial role in the win, coercing the Lakers into committing 27 turnovers. The Badgers’ bench was also accountable for outscoring Nipissing 27-4. Seniors Katie Harpur and Kayla Santilli, who scored 13 and 12 points respectively, led Brock’s offense in their victory.

On Saturday night, the women’s basketball team would then travel to Sudbury in order to take on the Laurentian Voyageurs on the road. Needless to say, they came out of the game with a win, leading the Voyageurs in an 80-54 dominance. The Badgers took advantage of their consistency, getting the upper hand on Laurentian’s offense. Brock’s offense was led by the youth on Saturday night, including Aryn Finley who recorded 20 points and eight rebounds, a career high for the freshman. Freshman Melissa Tatti also pitched into Brock’s big win with 15 points and five assists, nine of the points being from three-pointers. Brock came out of this weekend with four much needed points.

The Badgers men and women’s basketball teams are now 4-7 and 4-6 in the OUA respectively. They are both returning home for six of their following seven bouts, where they will both face off against the Laurier Golden Hawks on Jan. 24.

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