Brock Frost Week kicks off the second semester

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The winter holidays have come to an end and students are begrudgingly preparing to put their noses back to the academic grindstones. The start of a new semester is upon us and to kick it off in style, the annual Brock Frost Week will usher in a semester of positivity and enjoyment, with more events than ever before.

Frost Week is organized and presented by Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), alongside event partners Brock University Alumni Association and local business Brand Blvd. Frost Week, which begins on Monday, Jan. 12 and runs through Friday, Jan. 17, presents an opportunity for students to ease into the second semester with a smile on their face and the energy needed to succeed. There are countless events running during Frost Week, and it simply comes down to how many of them you’re able to attend. These events are often free, such as pick up hockey (both above ground and underwater), We Got Game (a video game paradise) and dirty bingo. The paid events, such as Comedy Night at Issac’s featuring Canadian actor and comedian K. Trevor Wilson and other side-splitting comedians, will only cost $10 per ticket (or $5 if you have a VIB card). The exciting and jam-packed week will finish with an all-ages stoplight party at Isaac’s Bar and Grill on Friday night for $5, or free if you have the VIB card.

On Monday and Tuesday, be sure to look around the Schmon Tower lobby for volunteers providing students with a free cup of delicious hot chocolate, while they make their way to classes or wait in the cold for the bus home. There will also be Isaac’s IceBreakers, a group of upper-year students who have enjoyed countless years of excitement and success at Brock University and want to pass on their knowledge and expertise, such as the proper navigation of Mackenzie Chown, to first and second-year students. Brock, its supporting staff and governmental bodies are dedicated to the inclusion of all students. Various events at Isaac’s, pick-up hockey and the events at the pool will have accessible opportunities for those that need them.

The week is going to be loaded with exciting events and opportunities for students to get to know one another better within the Brock community. Bring your friends and enjoy the many cool things that our own students have put together. Don’t forget to attend the volleyball game on Friday, Jan. 17 at 7:00 p.m. as the Brock women’s round out a fantastic Frost Week by taking on the Guelph Gryphons in a heated match in the Bob Davis gym.

For a complete list of Frost Week events and other details, go to 

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