A classical act with innovative talent

Quartetto Gelato

World renowned classical act Quartetto Gelato will be performing in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre on Jan. 20


Brock University’s Centre for the Arts is presenting the world renowned classical quartet, Quartetto Gelato in what is the first date on their 2015 tour.

Quartetto Gelato is a Toronto-based quartet that is currently comprised of members Peter DeSotto (tenor, violin, mandolin), Alexander Sevastian (accordion, piano), Liza McLellan (cello, bass) and Colin Maier (oboe, clarinet, English horn, guitar, mandolin, piano, musical saw).

The quartet was originally founded in 1989 and were quickly categorized within the new classical genre upon being awarded Debut Artist of the Year in 1996 by National Public Radio Performance Today. They have since been nominated for and have won a number of awards over the years following their success, most recently claiming the title for Best Classical Group by the Independent Music Awards in 2010.

Since its origin, the quartet has seen a number of talented Canadian musicians come and go due to other personal pursuits, but these changes have created depth and layers to the band’s repertoire, the newer members being able to grow, improve and adapt from its earliest stages. What has remained the same is the quartet’s ability to maintain a high level of classical musical quality while incorporating their own sense of humour into their music and performances.

“Quartetto Gelato has the stuff. Dry humor and occasional clowning are part of the quartet’s arsenal, yet first it meets the requisite virtues of skilled music-making,” said the Los Angeles Times. “Its pleasure-giving is consistent.”

Their repertoire is made up of some of the greatest classical masterworks, along with operatic arias, tangos and gypsy and folk songs. However, despite the range of music and vast repertoire the group has, they are known for performing without using any sheet music, which is unlike most musical groups in the same or similar genres. Their discography is made up of eight albums spanning from the group’s fruition to their 2010 Christmas album. In between their frequent tour dates, the group is in and out of the studio recording new and exciting pieces to add to their eclectic repertoire.

Quartetto Gelato has a classical sound unlike any other and not only possess the talent to compete with top classical acts worldwide but are innovative and playful with their repertoire, creating easy listening albums and exciting performances.

Quartetto Gelato will be performing on Jan. 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre. General admission is $28.50 and $22.50 for seniors and adults. For more information about the show visit arts.brocku.ca and for more about the Quartetto Gelato visit quartettogelato.ca

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