Top five best TV holiday-themed episodes

Simpsons Christmas

Being Jewish, my family celebrates Hanukkah, but despite that, Christmas is still my favourite time of the year. Having the cheerful music blasting in the car and seeing an abundance of smiles on everyone’s faces makes for an exhilarating ambiance, even for those who don’t celebrate it. My favourite part of Christmas is obvious: the TV specials. The following are my top five favourite Christmas episodes that I love watching every year.

That ‘70s Show – The Christmas Party
Eric fights for Donna’s affection while Hyde gives her the cutest, most considerate Christmas gift. Kitty indulges in too much liquor as State Troopers take control of the Forman residence to repossess the Christmas tree that Eric had stolen from the side of the highway. What’s not to laugh about?

How I Met Your Mother – How Lily Stole Christmas
After Lily had broken up with Marshall, she finds a telephone from her old apartment. She comes across an old voicemail from Ted where he calls her a Grinch, because he was saddened that Marshall was heartbroken, and he was also upset as a friend. Lily expels Ted from Christmas and he winds up with his strange family in Staten Island until Lily and the gang shows up to save him. If I may, that’s as heartwarming as it gets on TV.

Friends – The One With The Holiday Armadillo
One year, Ross chooses to dodge Christmas in order to educate his son Ben about his Judaic background, but Ben is distraught by the idea. Ross discovers that the only costume he can find is a massive armadillo as a way to inform Ben about Hanukkah. We also find out that Monica has an uncanny Santa obsession when Chandler inadvertently walks into the apartment sporting a Santa get-up.

Seinfeld – The Strike
In Seinfeld, they celebrate “Festivus”. Frank, George Costanza’s dad, pioneers his fictitious holiday celebrated around a basic pole instead of a tree, as well as an uncomfortable dinner feast. This holiday is essentially an emblematic, edgy family Christmas story without the decorations.

The Simpsons – The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Homer being Homer, he endeavors to make money for Christmas by working as a mall Santa. He then attempts to double his profits by gambling on dog racing, but comes up short. As he and Bart scramble around a parking lot looking for spare change, they come across the losing dog from the race, Santa’s Little Helper, and takes him home to live with them, becoming a member of the Simpson family.
In my eyes, these five TV specials embody the spirit of camaraderie, warmth, and tradition. That’s what the holiday season is all about.

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