Nothin’ better than a snow day! Top five snow day activites


There are no two better words when you’re a student, whether it’s in pre-school, elementary school, high school or university/college – than “snow day”. Waking up early, beginning to get ready for school, maybe throwing a Pop-Tart in the toaster, only to find out that you can go back to bed. Instead of sleeping your entire day away, you can make it one of the most enjoyable days of the season. Here are my top five activities to do in order to have your best snow day ever.

  1. Making it a cozy day indoors: There’s nothing more relaxing and peaceful than this snow day activity. In fact, taking a well-deserved break on your snow day really makes you realize that your holidays (when you can catch up on missed rest for weeks on end) are right around the corner. Keep your cozy pajamas on, make a nice hot chocolate and watch the snowflakes form into snow drifts, all from the warmth of your home as you begin the difficult process of selecting one of your favourite Christmas classic movies to watch.
  2. Go tobogganing: This one is your classic snow day activity. Every neighbourhood has a nearby hill that is optimal for tobogganing, pull your old toboggan out of the shed and hit the slopes. Go out for a couple of hours and have a blast with your friends, as you enjoy the newest snowflakes forming just outside your door.
  3. Tackle football: As a sports fanatic I have to discuss an activity in which I have always made sure to partake each a snow day. If there’s any day to play tackle football with your friends, who may be monsters on the turf, there is no safer day than a snowy one. Besides the weather being extremely cold, a snow day is that one time in a year where you can use the snow as protection from being crushed by that 6”4 guy who played football in high school. Almost every tackle football game on snow day usually turns into a snowball fight by the end of it, so hopefully it’s a snow fall that’s produced some packing snow.
  4. Go skiing/tubing: Depending on how severe the snow day is and how quickly you become aware of it, take a trip over to the nearest skiing/tubing facility and make a day-trip out of it. One of the benefits of a snow day is that there will most likely be very short lines for chair lifts, in addition to some of the freshest powder from the early snowfall.
  5. Make a snowman: The most obvious snow day activity of all, and aptly, an accepted activity to do at any age: making a snowman. Want to get a little more competitive and creative? Challenge your friends to make the biggest snowman of all or recreate Olaf from Frozen for a few extra brownie points.  After all, you’ll doubtlessly be singing “Do you want to build a snowman?” all day anyway.
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