Tony Lee made students do what?

Credit: THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

Credit: THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks


Hypnotized students may have gotten more than what they bargained for when Tony Lee, the X-rated Hypnotist, took the stage in Isaac’s on November 12. Back by popular demand, a nearly-packed crowd of students was excited to see this all-ages show which was surely not for the prude or easily offended.

As a well-known hypnotist, Lee performs in universities and colleges all across Canada and has performed at Brock in previous years, impressing the crowd each year with his ability to make students behave contrary to their normal behaviour, through the power of hypnosis. From male students stripping down to their boxers, to students crying over the death of an imaginary pig, Lee’s work was astounding, but it’s not magic.

“Let me tell you something, I became a hypnotist by accident. I’m serious,” said Lee to the crowd. “I was at a bar with my girlfriend and I started playing around with her mind. I just started talking and before I knew it, she fell asleep! There’s really nothing magical about it.”

Lee warmed the crowd and started the show with a relatively simple hypnotic tactic that directed students to position their hands like a gun. With his relaxing voice and the sound of an ocean playing in the background, some students found that they were unable to separate their hands, at which point he coyly brought the easily-hypnotized students on stage.

If there were any skeptics in the crowd, they likely walked away with little to no prejudice left in their minds, as they witnessed Lee successfully hypnotize 19 students. By the end of the night, some of the participants were weeded off stage, leaving seven students (five males and two females) in a hypnotic state. That’s where the real fun began.

He had two of them believe that they were females, instructing them to find the cutest man in the audience to perform a sexually charged dance in their underwear. He had all participants believe that they had a pet pig, with Lee proceeding to kill off every single one of them, resulting in one student crying on stage. After asking for a brave, pain-tolerant male volunteer, he made one of the female participants believe that this was the man that cheated on her, changing her facial expression from genuine enjoyment to pure anger and “kicking him where it hurts”, so to speak.

To top it all off, Lee singled-out the rookie Isaac’s security guard and sprayed whip cream on his body for the male students to lick off, which he said is a tradition when he performs at Brock.

One of the most entertaining aspects of the evening was the fact that the hypnotized students remembered everything they did on stage following the event.

“I remember my friend coming back to our house after the show and he was still kind of out of it,” said fifth-year English and Rhetoric student Cody Stanford of his friend who was hypnotized by Lee on stage. “All of a sudden he just stood up and said ‘there’s no way I did what I think I did,’ and we all started to laugh as he began remembering his antics while he was hypnotized.”

By the end of the night, the general consensus among the crowd was that Tony Lee was more hilarious and entertaining than offensive, though the forewarning that the show was X-rated moderately helped warn of the content of his performance.

“I thought the show was hilarious for those that can withstand the vulgarity,” said fourth-year Medical Sciences student Asmir Basic, who has attended the show two years in a row. “Although it was filled with profanity and sexuality, it was very fitting in the atmosphere he created and none of it was really done to offend anyone – it all seemed to be for comedy!”

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