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Brittany Brooks/The Brock Press

Brittany Brooks/The Brock Press

Students can be a tad rowdy at times. While that may be one of the most under-stated sentences in the history of mankind, the point remains that often university students, especially after heavy drinking and intense partying, may make poor decisions.

Specifically in the light of the cold first days of November, when all that is left are scattered Halloween costumes on your dorm floor, and self-hatred for eating so many marked-down chocolate on Nov. 1, it is a great time to look back on the Halloween that was, specifically on the Brock University campus.

On Oct. 30, BUSU held the 19+ Halloween Pub Night, attended by thousands of students. Held in Isaac’s, the place quickly filled to capacity and long lines formed outside. The next night, on Oct. 31, BUSU hosted the All Ages Halloween Party in Isaac’s, which had a similar attendance. The club also filled to capacity, translating to students waiting out in the cold to get in.

Usually, when thousands of students are at a school, which is essentially empty — and for the most part unsupervised — it’s a recipe for disaster. Having that many students on campus at midnight was strange, but there was a sense of peace. There were no riots, and no more than the usual amount of fights, fits and rowdiness.

So what do we owe this good behaviour to? In part, it seems that our Brock Badgers just have an outright respect for the campus — which is touching. But we can also credit Campus Security for doing a fantastic job in providing ever-ready support for students and protecting them from potentially dangerous situations.

As I waited in the Tower, about to go home for the night, there was a group of girls walking through Mackenzie Chown. They were laughing loudly, and just being generally rowdy. Then I saw a campus security guard walk to their location.

I expected him to ask them to quiet down, or that he would curse the hoodlums for horse-play, like Ms. Finster from Recess. But he didn’t. Instead, he offered to take a photo of the group of girls with their phones.

He talked to them respectfully, making it clear that he genuinely cared for their happiness, and more importantly, for their safety. After taking a few more photos than he had likely expected to, he gave back the phone and informed them about the services Campus Security provides them. He gave them the number and told them that they would walk the girls to their rides, and offered the presence of Campus Security if they ever felt unsafe.

This small display is why Campus Security is so effective. They are on the grounds all the time. While they may not always be there to take a group shot for Instagram, they are certainly there if you ever feel in danger or unsafe. While it may stand out more so on a Halloween night, Campus Security is doing a great job, and is actively working towards your constant protection.

Just because they often seem tough and intimidating doesn’t mean they don’t care for your safety and well-being. In my experience, they are accommodating and caring. Do you feel secure on campus? If you don’t, let them know.

Find out more information on the measures of security and services available to you at

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