Out of the box and onto the stage

Nov.18.AL.KaydBecoming successful is only possible when you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and show everyone what you have to offer, and that’s exactly what local artist Kayd has done with the release of her EP, Pivotal.  The 22-year-old Niagara Falls pop-rock artist began singing at a young age in a church choir where she was eventually encouraged to take on solo performances, her first one being when she was only 12. From there it became more of a hobby but she was always more comfortable writing songs in the confines of her own bedroom, keeping her songs and talents to herself.

It was at this point where she began going to the Niagara Institute of Music and Art (NIOMA) in Niagara Falls where she met Danny Lamb, who is now her productions manager.

“We got past the whole ‘hey my name’s Danny’, ‘hey I’m Kayd, how’s it going?’ and then we started singing and doing warmups,” said Lamb. “It took about thirty seconds for me to stop playing and look up and say ‘why do you need me again?’”

Since meeting, Kayd and Lamb have created a strong partnership, with Lamb working hard to get Kayd on her own feet as an artist and playing a major role in helping her develop her strong capabilities as a vocal performer.

“She introduced me to her songs, and right away I could tell they had a really cool feeling in terms of song writing so we started to work on the production of her CD,” said Lamb.

Lamb was the first person that Kayd ever brought her songs out of her room for and he was eager to hear what the young, talented singer/songwriter was hiding.

“He asked if I was doing any writing to which I reluctantly replied yes and the rest is all history,” said Kayd.

Her EP, Pivotal, recorded at Tangerine Studios with Jay Baty, was released in October with an album release party at Detour Music Hall in St. Catharines. She will be returning to Detour this month, this time opening for high profile acts Alyssa Reid and Virginia to Vegas.

The release of her EP has allowed Kayd to break out of her shell, and though still fairly shy on stage, she is excited about the positive feedback she’s gained from her album.  “The word ‘pivotal’ hit me when I was at work one day and I looked it up when I got home because it just really stood out to me. It inspired me. I sort of realized that all my songs were constructed in this one room, my bedroom, and it kind of hit home that I was fencing myself in with these songs. That was actually about the time I had met Danny and I think that’s what I was trying to do was get them out of this fenced-in area.”

Kayd is a shining example of how far hard work and passion can take you when you’re willing to put yourself out there. Though it has not been an easy journey and she is still fairly new to performing, both Kayd and Lamb are excited about what the new year will bring for this naturally talented local artist.

“There are things you can teach and there’s things that you can’t, and the tone of a voice is not something you can teach,” said Lamb. “It’s just something that comes natural. I like to think she has that tone. She’s really unique and the gospel music she’s been influenced by has really helped to shape a cool sound in her voice and creates a lot of soulful melodies that you’ll hear on the album.” “To think that last year I was just writing songs in my room,” said Kayd. “It’s exciting to think about where another year and half might take us.”

Kayd will be performing at Detour Music Hall, located at 88 St. Paul Street in downtown St. Catharines, on Nov. 21st. Tickets

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