Most offensive costumes of 2014


halloween nightAnother Halloween has passed and so too has another year of costumes often representing the year in hindsight. As always, this includes a large group of inappropriate, offensive costumes that are worn to get a laugh. When it comes to picking a controversial costume, there’s a fine line between being humorous and wearing a costume that is downright offensive. I’d have to argue that the spookiest part of Halloween 2014 is the lack of concern for people’s feelings, given the following costumes:

1. Ray Rice: A simple costume really. (Rice’s jersey complete with a doll dragging behind you), referencing the recent events where surveillance footage caught Rice dragging his wife out of an elevator after knocking her unconscious. Even worse is the photo circulating the internet of a young boy wearing this costume. Forgive me, but I’m lacking the ignorant sense of humour necessary to find this costume appropriate or comedic.

2. Adrian Peterson: 2014 was a controversial year for the NFL as news of Minnesota Vikings’ running back surfaced regarding the abuse of his four-year-old child. Photos have also surfaced within the past week of people who took advantage of this story by turning it into a Halloween costume. Wearing Peterson’s jersey, holding a baby doll and a switch is a clear implication of a major lapse in judgement. If you wore this costume, you certainly look like someone who also should not have children.

3. Sexy Ebola nurse: Will it ever end? As if sexy nurses weren’t enough, they had to come out with a sexy Ebola nurse? The disease that has currently claimed thousands of lives just had to be made into a costume. Anything Ebola related should not have been an outfit of choice this Halloween, but sexy Ebola nurse really takes the cake on things that should not be sexualized in a costume.

4: ISIS member: It’s never appropriate to wear a costume that involves the stereotyping of a race or religion, but it seems that many people have set the bar morally low by choosing an ISIS-inspired costume this year. Some people even included a fake head prop, referencing the extremist group’s reputation for beheading innocent people. Just because it’s a current event does not mean you need to make a costume out of it. Not funny, 0/10, should not wear.

5. Casualties of Malaysia Airlines incidents: Similar to the girl who dressed as a Boston Marathon Bomb survivor, a costume which resulted in a young woman losing her job and suffering countless attacks on social media, a photo has surfaced of a group of young men who decided to dress as people injured in the Malaysia Airlines crashes. Not only did these men try to insinuate that they were a different race, but they covered themselves in fake blood and bruises to detail the recent events which injured and killed so many. Tragedy is never a funny costume.

6. Fat girl costumes: This isn’t so much a specific costume as it about Wal-Mart taking it upon themselves to categorize an entire section of costumes on their website as “fat girl costumes”. Of course there were no costumes on the site labelled “fat boy costumes”, but Wal-Mart still used the offensive description in their marketing of the costumes in their plus-size section for women. Bravo, Wal-Mart. You’re not only a corporate monster, but a bully as well. The company has since apologized, vowing to never let that happen again. How it happened in the first place is beyond me.

Hopefully 2015 provides less ammunition for people with bad taste to create offensive costumes. If you have to be “sexy” anything, don’t base it off a current epidemic.

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