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BrockU Talks: Take Two is just around the corner and in preparation, the speakers have put together profiles of who they are and what their story entails. These personal snippits serve to provide students with a snapshot of what the event is all about, showcasing diversity amongst them.


BrockU Talks will be taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 19 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Pond Inlet. Be sure to register for attendance on their website before hand at All speaker profiles appear as submitted to The Brock Press.

Devina Anglingdarma

devina good

First year, Psychology

My name is Devina Anglingdarma. I am 18 years old and I am a first year Psychology student at Brock University. I have a big dream of being the President of the Republic of Indonesia, a country where I grew up and came from. My passion is in political philosophy because sometimes people only see politics from one point of view. The word ‘politics’ sometimes carries a bad connotation to some people. I just want people to know that there is always ‘two-sides’ of a coin and I truly learned that since I first came to Canada. This inspires me to become a better person and a politician because the future of a country does not only a one person’s burden, but it is the burden of the entire nation, starting from the young generations who still have the capability of thinking outside the box. I am excited to meet you guys, and with that I hope to see you guys at BrockU Talks on November 19!

Shajid Islam

shajid good

Second year, Psychology
Title of talk: Breathing Art

Each individual on this earth has something unique to offer this world, whether it be an invention, a tidbit of knowledge or even their presence in a situation. As humans we strive to hone that individuality to create an identity in the sea of faces this world is. The only way to accomplish this is communication; expressing and understanding others is second nature to us. So what if you filled this mundane task with imagination and creativity? Well then it has become art! As a byproduct you will view things from the critical eye of an audience member as well as a creator and objectively enjoy every moment of your actions from as many different perspectives as possible! Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic you can find a way to master your crafts and abilities, it’s simply a matter of putting time and effort into finding a passion and following it with no regrets.

Alexandra Maclean

alex good

Second year, Medical Sciences
Title of talk: The “S” Word

For many years now, I have been passionate about shattering the stigma associated with mental illness. As someone who has struggled with mental illnesses, I know how impactful the stigma is. Recently, I have become increasingly aware of the misconceptions around suicide specifically. More than that, I have discovered how uncomfortable the word “suicide” makes some people feel. Suicide is not an easy topic to talk about and it is truly heartbreaking, but I believe that as a society we need to start talking about it. By opening up conversations about suicide and making it less controversial, by knowing the facts and supporting each other, we can save lives. I believe that if we turn “I” into “we” even “illness” can become “wellness”.

Oliver Kayitaba

olivier good

Fourth year, Political Science, French minor
Title of talk: Mama Si Mama- Empowering Women.

I was born in the democratic republic of the Congo, but been living in Canada since I was a kid. I am passionate on women’s rights and empowering women because I was raised by a single mother who happened the strongest women on this earth. Let me correct myself, the strongest person I know walking this earth. My first year at Brock I opened the Brock chapter of a non for profit organization called Mama Simama and learned a lot on the rape epidemic happening in the Congo. Through that experience I learned how important women are in our community, and therefore should be empowered.

Matt Fleming

matt headshotAlumnus, BA English Language and Literature
Title of talk: The Wise Man

Matt Fleming is a recent Brock Graduate with an Honours English Language & Literature B.A., and a minor in Dramatic Arts. He worked in Residence as a Don in Decew and Quarry View, and last year as the Head Resident of Earp Residence. Matt is also a Brother of the Zeta Psi Fraternity at Brock. Currently, Matt is pursuing a Master of Social Justice & Community Engagement at Laurier Brantford, and works as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant with the University. In his spare time, Matt enjoys geeking out about superheroes, action movies, videogames, and his love for music. As a singer/songwriter, Matt is currently recording his first full length album of original material (Ed Sheeran meets Kris Allen), as well as publishing a creative anthology of his spoken word and slam poetry. His work is influenced by social justice issues, namely those surrounding sexism and racism. Matt is really looking forward to returning to his Badger home and speaking with his Brock family about his passions for social justice and supporting those who struggle with mental illness.

Collin Glavac

collin headshotAlumnus, BA Dramatic Arts and Liberal Arts
Title of talk: Religiosity and the Secular Situation

I love the concept of story in all its related forms; theatre, fictional writing, and history – the story of humanity. Big questions inform our story, and these are found in fields like philosophy and religion. They question the human condition and the human character in its cosmos. The themes and questions are timeless, but times change – and this is where I think things get interesting. I work at the Faith and Life Centre to promote open and inter-faith dialogue, with a particular focus on the relationship between secular and non-secular spheres of thought. Religion – or at least the conditions surrounding religion – have changed to such a degree that the topic must be approached in a particular way that is conscious of alteration; namely the conditions of secular thought and secular societies.

Dennis Scherle

dennis headshotFirst Year, Philosphy and Psychology
Title of talk: Textbook Troubles

My name is Dennis Scherle Jr. I was named after my grandfather. I’m 19 years old, and in my first year at Brock. Im currently taking Psychology and Philosophy, The title of my piece is ‘Textbook Troubles’. I am a slam poet from the St. Catharines Slam Team and have competed at such events as Slamtario. I also slam the first Friday of every month at Mahtay café on St. Paul Street. My talk is about overcoming what people think of you and growing as a person – you are not just the sum of what others have called you. We are all smart and it is our duty to show everyone that they are indeed a genius.

Errol Stewart

errol goodFourth Year, Business Economics
Title of talk: How Fitness Can Change Your Life

Ambitious and driven, this Hamilton born student grew up playing as the captain of his highschool basketball team and competed in track and field making it all the way to the southern OFSAA finals for the 110m hurdles. He also ran 60m hurdles for the Brock track and field team in his first year of university. His ambition has always led him towards business and finance it is no surprise that he graduated with the business department award representing his high school graduating class and is now majoring in Business Economics Co-op (financial stream). Constantly seeking to get better Errol took on a 90-day challenge to get in the best physical state of his life and this inspired him to start the BeyondBodE fitness accountability club alongside Brock Fashion HQ founding member and treasurer Andrea Agbareh and Brock TV’s star host Ben Agbeke and together they work to equip Brock students with the correct resources to hit their fitness goals. Currently Errol is on a new path to success after just being accepted as junior analyst at RBC and is set to start in January 2015.

Mary Perino

mary headshotFifth Year, Concurrent Education
Title of talk: My Moments of Gratitude

Mary Perino is a fast-talking, loud laughing, guacamole enthusiast who believes in all things that make the days count. Born and raised in a family that communicates mostly with their hands, Mary is fond of meeting new people and swapping stories of what makes life so sparkly. She is the creator of the blog, My Moments of Gratitude, which is a collaborative community that shares little rays of sunshine in the form of real-life anecdotes. She spoke at the March 2014 edition of BrockUTalks and has since delivered similar conversations at Burlington YouthFest, local elementary schools and several kindhearted Starbucks baristas. Mary is attending teachers college at the Brock University Faculty of Education and, apparently, she will be certified to teach real things to real youths come May of this year.


Chanelle Gurrell

chanelle goodLeader, Sorority Sister, Eternal Optimist
Fourth Year, Economics
Title of talk: Who the *Bleep* Cares?

My passion is conquering my life journey to self-affirmation. I am now understanding the depths of my existence through positive declarations that manifest my desired and true future. I outline my own reality through my optimism and I believe that anything in this world is possible as we are the creators of our own universe. When we strive for greatness we become greatness as we are infinite beings. By internalizing my love for art, the opera, ballet, reading and the orchestra I am open to the prismatic movements of life. While taking time to myself to deeply build the girth of my existence and augment my soul’s inner beauty. My passion is living as the illuminating presence that I AM.

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