Hot topics and hot heads at latest BUSAC meeting

While some meetings have felt longer than others, BUSAC members quickly and efficiently went through their agenda on Wednesday, Oct. 29. With two club-funding presentations from BMT and Beyond Bode, a first reading of Bylaw 2200 and a BrockTV mishap, debates and attendees alike were heated by the end of the night.

Brittany Brooks/The Brock Press

Brittany Brooks/The Brock Press

Executives from Brock Musical Theatre (BMT) thoroughly presented a summary of their expenses and explained what this club does during the year. In celebration of their 10th year anniversary, BMT is performing The Little Shop of Horrors as their main production, fully equipped with talented students, puppets and a band. Three female students took the spotlight and did a preview of the show by performing one of the songs from production, stunning and pleasing BUSAC members.

BMT acknowledged that they have an outstanding $2,600 debt with BUSU, which was left by last year’s club executives. This year’s executives approached BUSU Executive Assistant Kayleigh Munro earlier to deduce what their next steps would be when preparing another club-funding request, with their debt in mind. BMT has also cut down costs where they could, resulting in pushing their first onstage practice to the day before their opening show. As explained by the executives, the club will not be profiting from their show and all revenue will be going back to BUSU. BMT was approved a $10,000 loan and was advised to request an accounting student to help with their funds this year.

Beyond Bode Fitness Accountability Club also presented a club-funding request on Wednesday. The club was formed earlier this year and serves to promote health and wellness.  They are working towards connecting members with classes that are offered on campus based on their interests and goals, and are communicating with Recreational Services to see what other perks can be offered to students through this club. Beyond Bode intends to use their funding request of $2,725 to continue to promote the club through t-shirts. After careful consideration, BUSAC approved a loan of the same amount, which is to be repaid to BUSU.  Moving forward with the agenda, BUSAC approved the induction of Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Councillor Shayne Lasher, who is now a voting member of council. Following this, members went through the first reading of Bylaw 2200. Councillor Eady motioned to amend the bylaw, which stipulated that no person who was a committee Chair had more than one vote even if they are Chair of more than one committee.

According to Eady, “the amendment also made it so that each committee would still be represented. If someone is chair of multiple committees, they will have to choose one committee to represent at the meeting of committee Chairs, and the Vice Chairs of the other committees will represent those”.

The amendment passed and the first reading was approved, moving Bylaw 2200 to its second reading next week.

Following the amendment, an in-camera session was approved, requesting BrockTV to turn off the live stream, and for the press and interested visitors to leave the boardroom. According to Councillor Campbell, who left the meeting following the in camera session, Bryan Levesque from BrockTV had left the camera running, broadcasting a private session for the public to see on the live stream. This caused an outrage, with BUSAC members, who questioned whether or not a video ban should be implemented for future meetings. This incident has yet to be addressed by BUSU, BUSAC and BrockTV, however, the video is no longer available online.

BUSAC will be ratifying the by-election results next Wednesday, Nov. 5, with scheduled meetings returning to their bi-weekly routine, beginning on Nov. 19.

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