Book review: Halo: Cryptum

If you’re a true sci-fi geek and you love the Halo video game series then Greg Bear’s latest novel, Halo: Cryptum may be just the book for you. Greg Bear is one of the world’s foremost sci-fi authors and has won the Hugo and Nebula awards time and time again.

Credit: Wiki

Credit: Wiki

Halo: Cryptum is essentially the prequel to the entire Halo story line. It takes place in a society of extremely ancient aliens, referred to as the forerunners, who predate all human history. In the story the forerunners keep primitive humans as research specimens as they are an endangered species.

Cryptum follows the story of a young forerunner named Bornstellar- Makes-Eternal-Lasting, or Bornstellar for short, who is frowned upon for seeking artifacts from a race that predates even them.

During his hunt he befriends a pair of humans that he considers to be lesser that he, but nonetheless they eventually become invaluable to him. He then makes an unexpected and perhaps unfortunate discovery of the dishonoured Forerunner war hero, the Didact, (whom some may remember from Halo 4). The Didact, up until this point, has been imprisoned for thousands of years, now accidentally released by Bornstellar.

Bornstellar, the Didact, and the two humans must then do their best to try and prevent an unknown alien onslaught, plots of civil war amongst the Forerunners, hideous war crimes, and the release of something so ancient and terrifyingly dangerous that its release would mean the death of life as they know it.

Cryptum is now followed by Halo: Primordium and Halo: Silentium making it a full-fledged trilogy. Not a single one of the novels disappoint. All are jammed full of Bear’s sci-fi genius and Halo’s compelling story line.

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