Apple and Google break open Disney’s vault


Photo credit: ACE SHOW BIZ

Credit: Ace Show Biz

Disney has long been regarded as a company that holds a firm grip on the licensing of both its movies and the likeness of its characters, and for due cause. The Disney franchise is easily the most successful media entity on the planet. However, in an attempt to make Disney movie files more transferable and accessible to the general population, both Google and Apple are now offering the Disney Movies Anywhere app.

While this is certainly not news to Apple users who have had access to the app for several months now, Android users can finally get in on the fun of having nearly 400 Disney classics at the click of a button.

However, this is not the only new feature of Disney’s new app. In addition to now being offered through both Apple and Google, the app will also allow for basic file sharing between both.

For example, if you previously bought a Disney movie from the iOS store, you would only be able to view it through the single product on which you downloaded it. By using the app, you can download the file on either the iOS or Google stores and view the file on your computers, Android phones, iPads as well as seamlessly share between devices.

“We want to make it easy for movie fans to enjoy all of their past and future digital purchases across all of their devices,” commented Jonathan Zepp, currently the head of Google Play Movies in a press release the same day that the app was unveiled to Android users on Nov 4.

Credit: Google Play

Credit: Google Play

Despite this being the first time Google and Apple are cooperating when it comes to licensing agreements, it’s important to note that this cooperation comes out of a huge respect for Disney.

“Disney’s in charge,” remarked James McQuivey, Vice President and Principal Analyst at the research firm Forrester to The Huffington Post in an interview. “Disney’s content is so powerful that Disney can essentially dictate these terms to the other companies.”

“Of the movies that you do want to buy, Disney controls a large share of them,” McQuivey said. “The fact that they can actually get Apple to do this speaks to the power of Disney’s content.”

“I really don’t think this does anything except show who’s really in charge, and that’s Disney,” McQuivey commented. “No other studio has this kind of power.”

Paul Verna,senior analyst at eMarketer commented in an interview with The Huffington Post that, “I think the message is pretty clear that the days of that ultra-tight ecosystem are giving way to an era of less control on the part of the ecosystem provider. The consumer is calling more of the shots by virtue that they expect everything to be available on demand, on all screens, at all times.”

With Disney finally allowing some of its most prized titles to be accessible at the click of a button, hopefully other media giants will follow the trend of online accessibility. In an age where cable and traditional home viewing is becoming grossly outdated, companies like Disney must continue to adapt if they hope to keep their monopoly over children’s movies and TV shows.

Just imagine if Disney tried to pull the same trick on kids nowadays as it did in the 90’s, keeping its movies locked away in the ‘Disney vault’, only releasing them every few years as part of an overpackaged money grab. As the home media game continues to change, Disney continues to play like the seasoned pro that it is.

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