And the winners are… drum roll please…

Voting for the BUSAC and Senate October by-elections closed Oct. 30 and the final results were released Thursday evening. After a week of campaigning and three days of voting, 6,856 students chose to cast a vote (including abstentions). The following seven candidates were elected into their positions:

Brock University Students' Union

Brock University Students’ Union


Senate (1 year term) 

Antonio Sergi – 1031 votes
Carlin Jessop – 986 votes

Senate (2 year term) 

Spencer Dawson – 1224 votes
Jeremy Steinhausen – 871 votes
Sam Piccolo – 836 votes

Faculty of Social Sciences 

Monique Blake – 145 votes

Goodman School of Business 

Deeksha Sharma – 187 votes

Prior to voting days, Sergi and Faculty of Social Sciences candidate Jad Nasser were both given a sanction notice by Chief Returning Officer Jimmy Norman on account of a pre-campaigning infractions. Both candidates breached Bylaw 650, resulting in a cease of all social media and online campaigning for 48 hours following the sanction receipt.

Christy Mitchell/The Brock Press

Christy Mitchell/The Brock Press

With the addition of the voting kiosks this year, students were also able to vote on-campus at one of the voting stations that were staffed by BUSU Advocacy volunteers and BUSAC members. Voting was also available online via students’ emails.

Congratulations to all successful candidates; the student body is looking forward to the work that you’re putting in to ensure that their voices and their concerns are taken care of.

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