Album review: Taylor Swift – 1989


Nov.4.AL.albumreviewTaylor Swift has come a long way in terms of her musical maturity with the release of 1989. In comparison to her 2012 album, Red, Taylor has expanded her musical credibility by creating what is likely the most highly anticipated pop album of 2014.

After receiving a lot of negative attention concerning her personal life in recent years, she decided to embark on a new journey and create an album that more accurately describes who she has become as a person and an artist.

Swift does not challenge the notion about 1989’s position as a kind of “coming of age” album. No longer do her tracks seem to focus on one ex-boyfriend or another, but seem to have matured to more “grown up topics”.

Taylor Swift is already a household name in North America and most of the world, stealing the hearts of so many with her charming pop-country tunes. To the excitement and disappointment of many, 1989 has rid Taylor of her previous Western style and is more rooted in a big-city culture, the first track on the album being “Welcome to New York”.

She has often been scrutinized for abandoning her roots and discontinuing her distinct country sound, but this album shows another side to Taylor that is much edgier than her meek country girl persona led on.

Her single from the album, “Out of the Woods” is vastly different than anything that Swift has ever released before. In a radio interview following the release of 1989, Swift said that when presenting the album to her family and producers, she put this song in as a kind of surprise. She wanted everyone to hear it and make the decision on their own that it should be the first single.

Her lead single “Shake It Off ” has created a buzz with just about everyone and is irresistible catchy. The song was written as an anthem concerning how people are always going be cruel to one another, but that it’s so important not to let it get you down. The play on words “shake it off ” are a reference to dancing but also to letting the hate slide right of your shoulders. This is certainly a new Taylor and we’re excited for what’s to come.

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