A wind ensemble Christmas


Brock University’s Wind Ensemble will be performing at the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre on December 2 in what is to be an evening of festive musical talent. The show will include holidaythemed music featuring orchestral Christmas songs such as “A Most Wonderful Christmas” and “We Wish You a Mambo Christmas”.

The ensemble incorporates more than just Brock student musicians. There is a strong presence from high school students in the area as well as from members of the Niagara and surrounding musical community at large including members of the Niagara Symphony, the Burlington Concert Band and Hamilton’s Symphony on the Bay. This allows for talented musicians at any stage in their career to engage in their passion alongside peers from varying fields and levels of the profession, all while producing an exciting show for the local community.

This year’s fall concert will feature a varied program, including “Music for a Festival,” by Philip Sparke; “March,” by Sergei Prokofiev; “Olympiada,” by Samuel Hazo; and “Carnival,” by Philip Sparke.

The Brock University Wind Ensemble has been a tradition at the University for many years and remains a driving force in Brock’s musical community.  The ensemble is conducted by Zoltan Kalman, a talented and accomplished woodwind player.  Having been trained in his birth nation of Hungary he became a noteworthy musician and later went on to be known throughout Europe for his clarinetplaying and musical talents. After great success in his European career he came to Canada in 1989 where he played with many orchestras and ensembles throughout Ontario. Now, alongside his career as a musician he teaches various woodwind instruments and techniques at Brock as well as at McMaster University and the University of Western Ontario.

“The programming aims to capture the diversity and variety of musical tastes for a festive celebration of the approaching holiday season,” said Kalman. “I have prepared a repertoire of all time classical and easy listening favourites as well as joyful Christmas tunes that will surely provide our audience with non-stop entertainment. We’re also delighted to feature Rebecca Heathcote from Bishop Ryan Secondary School in Hamilton who will perform a saxophone solo in Philip Sparke: Carnival.” In addition to conducting the Wind Ensemble, Kalman also conducts the woodwind section of the Niagara Youth Orchestra.

Tickets for the upcoming performance at the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre on Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m. are on sale now, available at the Centre for the Arts Box Office, which you can reach by phone by calling 905-688-5550 at extension 3257, or you can visit brocku.ca/music. General admission to the show is $8.85 or $5 dollars for high school students using the eyeGo high school program.

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