A runway, a concert and a cultural escape


Credit: THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

Credit: THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

The STRUTT Wearable Art Show, took place on Nov. 22 in the W.S. Tyler warehouse in St. Catharines, was an experience unlike any other and proved to be one of the most exciting cultural events of the year. The night was a colourful spectacle of different mediums of art coming together for an evening of unique entertainment.

The once barren, cement-based industrial warehouse was hardly recognizable after being filled for the evening with vendors, bars and a full runway, all accented by colourful lights and over 2000 well-dressed and excited audience members. The entire building was packed to capacity with those eager to see what this year’s STRUTT had in store.

Doors opened at 8:00 p.m. for the Niagara Exotic Bazaar where ticket holders could shop at a variety of vendors before the main runway event.

Credit: THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

Credit: THE BROCK PRESS/Brittany Brooks

After the audience was given the chance to wander, socialize and indulge in a few beverages, the runway show began. It was introduced by a video designed by Visual Art student, Brittany Brooks, and Brock Alumni and current sound designer, Joe Lapinski, which featured Marilyn Walker speaking throughout. Given that the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts will be opening its doors in less than a year, there was no better way to start the show than this considering how large of a role Brock University students play in Niagara’s cultural mosaic.

From a dress made entirely of colourful hair scrunchies to a cartoon-inspired Stephen Harper, the runway show featured an array of wearable art which emphasized the talent and creativity that exists in Niagara. Throughout the show, Canadian electronic hip-hop band Radio Radio performed, making STRUTT not only a runway show, but a live concert event as well. The models who wore the art weren’t merely walking up and down the runway; instead the entire event was choreographed to create a dance show, adding another layer of art to this exciting evening. There were go-go dancers dancing beside the runway, models hanging on hoops and swings suspended from the ceiling and confident models strutting and moving their way down the runway in front of an intrigued audience.

If the event weren’t high-energy enough, following the show the audience was invited on the runway for an after party featuring another set by Radio Radio.

If you weren’t able to attend STRUTT this year, make sure you mark your calendars for next year. The event will only flourish from here, as more people learn of what an incredible event it is and how it showcases the unique culture in Niagara. “Art show” might sound intimidating but you don’t have to be an artistic person to appreciate this event; it makes for a lavish and memorable night out that anyone in the region should want to experience.

A round of applause goes to the artists, models, the Niagara Artist’s Centre, as well as theatre company Suitcase in Point for putting on yet another successful STRUTT Wearable Art Show.

For more information about the STRUTT Wearable Art Show find it on Facebook or visit struttwearableartshow.ca

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