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Voting for the BUSAC and Senate by-election is available from Oct. 28–30. Brock students can vote through their web-mail platform for their desired nominees, with two available seats for one year senate terms, three available seats for two year senate terms, as well as the BUSAC seats representing the Faculties of Social Sciences and Business. The following profiles are the candidates for the one and two term senate positions. Profiles appear as submitted by the candidates. Although all candidates were reached, two nominees are absent from the coverage are Jennifer Rubbra (running for a one year senate term) and Hanan Moussa (running for a two year senate term).

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One-year senate seats:

Carlin Jessop

Carlin Jessop

I have always had an interest in students’ opinions when it came to educational decisions at Brock University. Balancing my rigorous, synchronized swimming schedule with school and growing up, it has taught me time management skills, teamwork, as well as commitment and dedication to my work. These skills will enable me to make positive change on and off campus.

I ensure to responsibly take on the voices of students at Brock, and I will encourage any opinions and ideas that my fellow peers have to offer. The students’ voices will be adequately represented through myself.




Antonio Sergi

Antonio_Poster_Christy_01I am a good candidate for a 1 year Senate term because in my 4.5 years at Brock, I have become extremely engaged with our Campus and Community, interacting with thousands of students, parents, faculty, administrators and alumni to best represent the student voice. After my first year working with Smart Start and ushering in thousands of new Badgers to university life, I knew that I wanted to continue to be involved in making our hard earned tuition dollars go towards initiatives that students want and need, as well as making them aware of the resources at our amazing university has to offer. From that point on, I began volunteering with various departments around the university, including BUSU Advocacy, in which I later became Coordinator for. In this role, I took to the halls with a team of 14 volunteers, and together we designed campaigns to reach out to students and gain their insight on important issues. Later, we processed the feedback and presented the findings to BUSU’s executives, as well as to senior Brock administration through the Student Experience Task Force. This is an approach that I will continue to use as a good Senator.

Two-year senate seats:

Jeremy Steinhosuen

Jeremy photo page 4The reason I am a good candidate for Senate is because of my studies in Political Science and Philosophy. Both have allowed me to develop skills that I will be able to use while a part of council. I am very passionate about my studies and by running for Senator, I am able to use that energy in a positive way to build on the Brock community.

Being a third-year student, I have been involved in properly understanding what issues are important to students. Through the years, Brock has been the perfect environment for me to find my goals and work to achieve them, and being involved in the political scene is one of those goals. In becoming a Senator, I will be able to give back to the community in a big way.



Spencer Dawson

Spencer Dawson page 4I have had the opportunity, on many occasions, to be involved in the university by showcasing to alumni, future and current Brock students what Brock has to offer. Working for Brock as a Smart Start Team Assistant and later as a Team Leader I represented our school at events such as the Open House, Fall Preview Day and the Ontario University Fair. During this time, I was able to speak with students on what they expect to get out of their university experience, concerns about the challenges associated with university life style, balancing financials and most importantly, the education that they are going to be receiving. By running for Senate, I hope to work with current members on critical issues surrounding students’ academics and formulate the best possible solution for all.

I would make sure that students are represented adequately by continuing to be an involved and active member of our community. This will allow me to become more aware of the issues surrounding our education, providing an effective perspective to represent us, the students.


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