Week 7 in the NFL: who’s hot, and who’s not?


It was an interesting start to the NFL season. There was the Ray Rice video and the Adrian Peterson scandal, but that wasn’t enough to take the spotlight away from the on field action –which seems to never disappoint. Here are the highlights:

Cowboys Chargers Football

The champs

As we review the first third of the season it’s only right to begin with last year’s Super Bowl champions. The Seattle Seahawks are quickly letting their playoff hopes slip with a loss at home to Dallas and surprisingly falling to the Rams. Seahawks also traded wide receiver Percy Harvin, which shocked many people.


The Cowboys are off to a surprise 6-1 start. The next few weeks are in the Cowboys favour giving them a real shot at the playoffs. Let’s not forget Johnny Manziel – the Cleveland Browns have got off to a decent start with Manziel as the backup to Brian Hoyer, who’s led the Browns to a 3-3 start. The playoffs might be out of the question for the Browns, but the future is looking bright. The San Diego Chargers seem to be in the mix for the AFC West, they’ve started 5-2. The Texans are looking better than their 2-14 finish last year, and keep Arizona’s 5-1 start in mind. Drew Brees and the Saints are struggling to win close games as they fall to a 2-4 record. Unfortunately, those Chiefs that finished strong last year are looking weak early.


The AFC East still looks to belong to Tom Brady and the Patriots, but they’ve shown some signs of decline, especially this past week versus the Jets. The rest of the East is nothing new. The Bills are 4-3, but the injury bug has once again tackled the Bills. The Dolphins and Jets are slowly looking forward to the off-season. The Bengals are trying to run away with the AFC North like last season, but veteran teams like the Ravens and Steelers are sticking around. Peyton Manning and the Broncos hope to reach the Super Bowl again this year, but with a different ending. They’re the current leaders of the AFC West, and Manning’s former team, the Colts, are again leading the AFC South. Then there’s the average Giants and Bears, who are still mediocre at best.

The poor

Then we come to the Raiders, Redskins, Vikings, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Titans, Falcons and Rams; all of whom were expected to finish at the bottom of their divisions or close to it. Forgive the Redskins, Rams and Bucs who have all dealt with some quarterback injuries.

Make your pick

Some of the other NFC playoff hopefuls are the Packers, 49ers, Lions, Panthers and Eagles. But can any of them outshine the surprise teams to climb all the way to the Super Bowl? No team is running away as favourites for the Super Bowl, but this particular group of teams hope to change that soon.

With 10 weeks remaining, many of the questions will be answered. Are the Seahawks really going to miss the playoffs? Can any of the surprise teams sustain their success? Can the Patriots hold onto the AFC East? Who comes out of the AFC North? And which of the Make Your Pick teams can separate themselves from the group and become a legitimate Super Bowl contender? As the offfield drama continues, let’s continue to enjoy the on-field entertainment – which never disappoints.

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