The Brockoli: That table next to the pop dispenser in Union Station


Often, the staff here at the Brockoli enjoy the writing of satirical material for our publication. It entertains while informing the reader of situations that are often ludicrous in nature. That’s what makes it all the more satisfying when a development comes to our attention that requires only the most serious of coverage. It’s with pleasure that we present to you what is perhaps the most relevant news ever covered at the Brockoli, and it’s one very close to our hearts.

There’s a table next to the fountain pop dispenser in the Union Station food court.


Photo credit: Brittany Brooks/The Brock Press

Close to two years ago we presented a satire on the shared issue students have been experiencing when getting their fountain drinks in the Student Union’s food court. Even those who hadn’t read the coverage have surely shared in the trauma. You fill up your pop, holding it with one hand, with your purchased food in the other and you realize that there’s nowhere to place your drink while you put the lid on it. Needless to say, it presented a concern the magnitude of which is rarely seen on campus.

Though we rarely engage in ongoing campaigns at the Brockoli, for the past year we have worked endlessly to get the students what they deserve: a table. In the words of George Bush: “Mission Accomplished”.

So the next time you pour yourself a sweet and fizzy beverage, place it on that conveniently placed table with immense pride in your heart.

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