The body and communication in upcoming exhibitions at Rodman Hall


If you enjoy free admission, food and beverages, then Brock University’s Rodman Hall Art Centre on Oct. 30 is where you need to be.

Rodman Hall

The hall will be hosting the grand opening event for two new exciting exhibitions. The first is an exhibition called “They”, a collection by Brendan Fernandes, a former University of Western Ontario student who was born in Kenya and grew up in India. Fernandes will be in attendance to lead a walk-through of his collection, as well as having his dancers performing one of his works live to express in full effect the message the piece is portraying.

Fernandes’ identity struggle as an artist with multicultural roots married with the concept of global migration is passionately expressed throughout his work. His pieces reflect a multidisciplinary format with influences from his background in dance, choreography and art. His use of multimedia provides a beautifully creative perspective of old versus new in several different areas such as worldviews, culture, technology and artistic techniques.

Be prepared to experience several different forms of art, from live dancers, pulled prints, to neon light structures, digital projections and silk screen prints, this unique collection is sure to capture your attention.

Another collection will also be opening called “Relay” by Lois Andison, which is a three-part exhibition in collaboration with the University of Waterloo Art Gallery and the Doris McCarthy Gallery at the University of Toronto. According to her biography, Andison’s “kinetic sculptures/installations investigate the intersection of technology, nature and the body. Using movement to initiate an exchange with the viewer, Andison’s work poetically explores social and technological concerns through the construction of the hybrid art object.” She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally and it is a great opportunity to have her come to Rodman Hall.

While each venue has a different focus, the collection at Rodman Hall is the smaller of the three, but nonetheless equally powerful. Her work deals with gender and the power dynamics of communication in modern society as well as exploring futuristic notions of the human body. She makes use of movement in her sculptures, which provides an in-the-moment experience between the viewer and the works.

“As Brock University’s contemporary art gallery, we strive to bring leading artists and cutting-edge art to the Niagara Region,” said Rodman Hall’s administrative assistant Danny Custodio. “In-their respective exhibitions, both Brendan Fernandes and Lois Andison explore issues of the body and communication. The artist talk and opening reception on Oct. 30 is an opportunity to meet the artists and hear Fernandes speak about his art practice. Also, throughout the evening, Fernandes’s piece Encomium I, II, III will be performed live in the gallery. Lois Andison speaks on Nov. 13 at 7:00 p.m. as part of the Hot Talks series.”

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