Take the Throne to invade Detour Music Hall for new album release

Just as in any other profession, hard work is necessary to meet success in the music industry. Take the Throne is a leading example in the Niagara Region of how this hard work will pay off, and Brock students will have the opportunity to see this talented group of musicians take the stage for the release of their new album Guardian.  The show takes place Friday Oct. 24 at Detour Music Hall located at 88 St. Paul Street right in the heart of downtown St. Catharines, starting at 8:00 p.m.


Influenced by other metalcore bands such as August Burns Red, Born of Osiris and Within the Ruins, Take the Throne is made up of members Landon Smallwood (vocals), Tom Jakobs (guitar), Brad Feor (Guitar), Jake Nowak (Bass) and Kurt Fulton (drums). Jakobs, Fulton and Feor have known each other since high school and have played together for years. Originally the three played in a band called I Shot the Messenger which Feor says is an earlier version of what is now Take The Throne. Smallwood joined the band last year shortly before the band recorded their single “Deserter” and Nowak was introduced into the band’s forces earlier in 2014.

The band will proudly perform all their own music this Friday including their new single Deserter and other high energy songs off of the new album, but not leaving their older hits behind such as “Shapeshifter” from their last EP.  Though the group has a lot of fun with what they do, they stick to a tight schedule to ensure their work is of the highest quality possible.

“Our practices always happen on Sunday afternoons, and usually consist of us playing through the set to ensure everything is tight. We take the time to talk about any band business we’re in the thick of,” said Feor. “There’s also a lot of goofing around in between to keep things light, because being in a band has to be fun, otherwise what’s the point?” The release of this album is very exciting for the group this time around given the hard work they’ve done prepping for this album, making sure everything was ready for recording.

“We spent time actually recording pre-production demos this time around and making sure the song writing was more refined, instead of just stringing a bunch of riffs together and calling it a song,” said Feor.  They’ve taken their past experiences with recording to really capitalize on their new album, making it their best work yet.

“We sat down and mapped out all of our vocal ideas and patterns so that we knew exactly what we were going to do come studio time,” said Feor. “We also took the things we liked about the last album and basically cranked them up to 11. The new record is heavier and just a lot crazier compared to legacy.”

“There’s definitely a lot of varying topics as far as the lyrics are concerned, especially on Guardian since almost everybody wrote and contributed to the lyrics,” said Feor. “I can’t speak for everyone 100 per cent about song meanings but there are common themes such as dealing with depression and self-doubt. There’s another song that more or less deals with famous people in the music industry that like to take advantage of young, impressionable kids just to sell them shirts or whatever just to make a quick buck.” Their songs are relatable and rooted in the member’s own experiences and Feor said that the topics will evolve and adapt as they continue to grow and experience life as it happens, whatever happens.

Take the Throne has toured through most major cities in Ontario, recently entering venues in Quebec, but they credit their hometown shows at Detour Music Hall as being the most fun for them, acknowledging IndoorShoes for booking the show and being so helpful in their local sphere.  “It’s always a fun time whenever we play Detour. With this being our release show, it’s bound to be pretty rowdy.  The bands on the bill are locals and friends from out of town, so the vibe that night will be great,” said Feor.  “The music scene in Niagara has been strong for as long as I can remember. It’s gone through its lulls, but at the end of every year, I can look back and fondly remember a bunch of great shows with huge turnouts, especially when it comes to the heavy music scene. Niagara has definitely gone through a lot of changes in the years I’ve been a part of it, some positive, some negative. That being said, there’s a whole different group of bands compared to when we were a bunch of young kids. They’re keeping this thing going which is really cool.”

The band is passionate about their music and has made it their life’s work to make enough money to live and to be able to tour full time. They hope their music reaches as many people as possible because of how important it is to them.

“Without our fans, we would just be five dudes sitting around making music in our bedrooms. A band is nothing without fans who are willing to show up to a show, buy a shirt, a C.D. or even just show up and go nuts while we play.  We’re eternally thankful for this.”

For more on Take The Throne find them on Facebook and on Bandcamp at takethethronemetalcore.bandcamp.com and for more exciting upcoming shows visit IndoorShoes on Facebook.

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