Restaurant review: Café Amoré

Every once in a while you deserve to treat yourself, even as a student. Boston Pizza and your typical chain restaurants are great for meeting with a group of friends over dinner and drinks, but they get old, and the menus tend to be too similar to every other restaurant. What you need is a good dinner at a decent price, and I can think of no better place than Café Amoré.

Photo credit: Trip Advisor

Photo credit: Trip Advisor

Though it is a chain restaurant, it provides an authentic Mediterranean experience from the décor and ambience of the restaurant to every dish on the menu. There is an endless amount of entrees that seem impossible to choose from.

This is the perfect “first date” restaurant, or as mentioned before, if you feel like removing yourself from the same old restaurants you frequent too often. My favourite dish is the chicken gorgonzola which features the rich cheese in a cream sauce mixed with roasted red peppers and chicken over penne, but this barely scrapes the surface of the array of meals the restaurant has to offer.

Located at 211 Martindale Rd. in the Martindale Plaza, it’s easy for Brock students to get to and is absolutely worth breaking your dining routine for. It’s a nice enough restaurant that it equates to a fine dining experience but without the high prices.

Aside from the incredible meals, the desserts are worth drooling over. You can choose from over a dozen different kinds of cake, all of which are on display as soon as you walk in the restaurant. It’s difficult to say no once you’ve seen how delicious they look.

Remember that just because you’re a “poor student” doesn’t mean you have to eat like one. Get out and enjoy the dining experiences St. Catharines has to offer, and might I highly recommend you begin with Café Amoré.

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