Go Badgers, go Badgers, go!

A sea of red and white covered the stands in the Bob Davis gymnasium on Wednesday, Oct. 24 for the first ever #WhatIsABadger? pep rally. “Go Badgers, go Badgers, go!” could be heard from outside of the gym doors, demonstrating the pride that Brock students have for our school.



In hopes of encouraging and inspiring students to carry on their Badger pride from this year’s 50th anniversary and Homecoming events, Bawe Nsame, who created and hosted the event, invited students, staff, faculty and administration members as well as our athletic teams to come out and celebrate the Brock University community.

According to the event’s Facebook page, “through this campaign we hope to promote the pride and culture of Brock students, bring awareness to future students and other schools of what we have to offer and to bring the student community together as one.”

Nsame is the founder of the John Nsame Foundation (JNF). The money raised during the event will go towards starting a soccer league in Cameroon, including getting the coaches ready for their roles in helping to develop the youth in the country.

“Over this past summer, things have really moved in a positive direction for JNF”, said Nsame. “We now have an office with a computer, printer and Internet – which is huge. We also have three volunteer staff members that work towards and believe in the goals of the project.”

With an eye-catching routine put on by Brock’s cheerleading team to kick off the event, several sports teams made their entrance and threw free swag into the stands, including the women’s volleyball team, men’s and women’s wrestling teams, men’s soccer team and the women’s and men’s basketball teams.



The men’s basketball team was one of the highlights of the night, as they received the loudest applause and were able to showcase their immense talents in a dunk competition. Four players were selected and performed their skills in three rounds, bringing the crowd to their feet with each successful basket.

There was no shortage of enthusiasm and upbeat music to set the tone of the pep rally, with students among the crowd being invited to the floor to perform an impromptu dance routine. Brock Dance team member Jordan Manlongat dominated the dance floor with her sharp moves and incredible sass, topping off her performance by doing the splits. Manlongat also performed with nine other members of the Brock Dance team, another highlight of the event. Many on-lookers thoroughly enjoyed their amazing routine to popular songs such as Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”. Their performance was a definite crowd pleaser.

Vice-president of Finance and Administration Brian Hutchings was among the crowd of more than 200 Brock community members and was thrilled with the outpour of excitement that the crowd exuded.

“This place was built for you to have the time of your life”, said Hutchings, who was followed by the President of the university, Jack Lightstone.

After the cheerleaders hoisted the President to be the top of their pyramid, a sight that you don’t often get to see of Brock Administration, Lightstone took to the mic to express his pride in being a Badger.

“It’s great to support Brock and to celebrate what we have. It’s wonderful to see you all out here. It’s great to be part of the Brock community!”, said Lightstone.

Nsame closed the event by expressing gratitude towards the crowd for attending the pep rally and showcasing what it truly means to be a Badger. Many students were impressed by the event, including fourth-year Medical Sciences student, Saumik Biswas.

“I thought the pep rally was a complete experience. The event engaged the students, promoted Brock pride and culture, united the student body and showcased the unique talents we have. After attending the rally, I’ve realized how fortunate we are to attend such an awesome institution”, said Biswas.

Did you miss the pep rally? Good news! The #WhatIsABadger? after movie is now live on YouTube. Visit youtube.com/watch?v=qhtKPp-nhx0 to relive the incredible event.

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