Explore St. Catharines’ spooky side this October

St. Catharines will host a series of ghost walks where people will learn some of the history of St. Catharines, including its popular ghost stories and the dark stories of people in the city’s past.


St. Catharines may seem like a beautiful, normal city in the daytime hours and just a little bit louder downtown at night, but have you ever stopped to ponder what might be lurking in the shadows while you make your way down St. Paul Street? Have you ever thought about what frightening past some of the city’s oldest buildings might be keeping secret? Intrigued? This event is perfect for anyone willing to learn the haunting history of St. Catharines while roaming the city at night.

Downtown-Ghost-Tour_BrittanyThe City of St. Catharines will be hosting a full-moon ghost walk on Oct. 8 as well as additional nightly ghost walks from Oct. 17–29 to get into the spirit of Halloween. The full-moon walk is already sold out but tickets for ghost walk throughout October are still available for purchase, so reserve your tickets in advance.

They say that the shivers you feel when listening to ghost stories are because of the spirits themselves, and there will be plenty of that during this exciting and thrilling event. Don’t believe in ghosts? This is an opportunity to see if you’re correct or if you’ll be scared by the city’s spooky stories.

During these guided ghost walks, walkers will have the opportunity to learn about the city’s haunting and terrifying past while learning some of the present ghost tales that still linger over the streets of downtown. There will also be information given about some of the oldest and creepiest buildings in the downtown core of St. Catharines.

Tickets for the walks are $10 and must be purchased in advance, either online or at the St. Catharines Downtown Association office, located at 80 King Street on the main floor in St. Catharines. The walks will range anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and walkers will not feel rushed as the event is done at a slow and comfortable pace. Walks will happen rain or shine, so it is suggested that you dress for the weather and that comfortable shoes are worn as you venture through the ghostly streets. The walk will begin at the King Street doors at Market Square and all walks begin at 7 p.m. It is requested that ticketholders show up at least 10 minutes prior to the walk to check in.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this is sure to be an event that will frighten even the toughest of walkers. Instead of seeing a scary movie, take the opportunity to walk the downtown streets of St. Catharines and learn about its history and most frightening tales. It will be a ghoulish good time for all.

For more information and to reserve you tickets for the tours visit mydowntown.ca/events

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