Brock takes the cake at the Ontario Universities’ Fair


Over the Homecoming weekend, five members of the Smart Start 2014 team attended the Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, right next to the CN Tower and Rogers Centre.


The fair is an annual gathering of universities all across the province where students and their families are given the opportunity to speak with representatives such as administrators, professors, and students from each university. These representatives were there to advocate for their own campus and with 21 universities from Ontario alone, it is quite evident that Brock has some serious competition in recruiting the next batch of incoming first-year students.

Third-year student Spencer Dawson, who was a Team Leader for the Smart Start program this past summer, attended OUF with a lot of enthusiasm and Badger pride.

“With a population of 18,000 students, Brock is considered a mid-sized, safe campus that offers all the programs, clubs, and job opportunities to students that will help them make the most of their university experience. Being located in the small town of St. Catharines, Brock is a community-driven university that looks for the next best opportunity to bridge relations between our school and the greater Niagara region.”

Furthermore, Dawson truly speaks to Brock’s ‘Both Sides of the Brain’ campaign, majoring in Business and minoring in Philosophy. He believes that Brock is an institution that thrives on new, innovative ways to come up with the next best thing through interdisciplinary studies, which help better serve students and their needs.

“As a Brock student, your opinion is never over-looked and is highly valued. Programs, events, clubs and jobs are often created based on student initiatives. It’s not only about what Brock can do for you, but what you can do for Brock.”

Among the Brock team that attended the fair along with Dawson were Carly Dugo, Zachary Faught, Karey Hatch, and Thomas Edwards, all of which are very active members in the University community and are quite attached to the experiences and the life that this institution has to offer to each student. While Brock is a fairly young school, this will often work to the advantage of the student, as there is always room to develop and implement new modes of teaching and learning, whether inside or outside of the classroom. As this is not the first time that Dawson has attended the fair as a Brock representative, what he enjoys most about the fair is networking and socializing. “Being surrounded by a wealth of young adults pursuing their aspirations makes for an incredible experience as a representative.”

The fair, which spanned over three days from Sept. 19 to Sept. 21, saw more than 120,000 prospective students, parents and educators.

At the Brock booth, the student representatives were busy answering questions specific to campus life and the programs that the University offers. The purpose of this fair is to inform students in an interactive way as to what their options are within the province, in hopes that it will aid them in making a decision about which Ontario university to choose.

With enrolment at Brock growing each year, the Ontario Universities’ Fair was a great way to bring some future Badgers to the halls of Brock next September.

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