A poetry slam, a free nacho bar and the musical talents of Craig Cardiff

With the Niagara Region having such a prominent artistic presence, it’s no surprise that the sense of art and culture is also ever present at Brock University. The halls are full of talented students who do not have many opportunities to showcase it or may not even know they have it. That’s the goal behind the Wednesday night events that BUSU will be hosting throughout the year.

Curtis Bell, Event Programmer at BUSU explained that there will be a variety of events taking place through the semester and that they hope to bring an event that just about every Badger will be interested in attending.

On Oct. 29, the Brock University Student Justice Centre will be hosting a poetry slam in the Skybar Lounge. The poetry slam, is a competition using elimination rounds for the reading and performance of poetry. There will be an open mic period for anyone interested in speaking but not necessarily wanting to compete. Performers are able to register online prior to the event if they choose to compete in the slam. Maybe you don’t yet have the brass to get up and speak, or even if you just enjoy listening to poetry but have never been interested in performing, anyone is welcome to attend the event.

The event is free for all who wish to attend and begins at 7:00 p.m. If that’s the time you eat dinner, don’t fear, the SJC will be providing a free nacho bar. So what we have here is an evening of the creative and expressive use of language topped off with a nacho bar. How could you say no?

This is guaranteed to be an evening of laughter and emotion in what is a great way to see what kind of poetic talent your peers have, as well as experiencing something you might have never known you’d be interested in. Poetry slams are always interesting as they contain a wide variety of pieces and ideas, and what better way to expose yourself to such an event than at your own university? You can visit the Student Justice Centre on Facebook or visit brocksjc.com for all information on this event.

Another exciting event will be taking place on Nov. 5 in the Skybar Lounge as singer/songwriter Craig Cardiff makes a return to Brock.


Photo credit: Travis Jon Allison/The Ontarion

Cardiff is a Canadian folk singer from Waterloo, Ontario who has made a number of appearances at Brock in the past. He will be holding a Bring Your Own Guitar (BYOG) workshop at 12:00 p.m. on Nov. 5 in the lounge for any aspiring artists. The day will be followed up by a show in Isaac’s featuring Cardiff at 8:00 p.m. The show is free for students and open to the general public.

These event are only the tip of the iceberg in what is in store for Brock students this year and we’re fortunate enough to have a students’ union that is invested in the artistic growth of students.

“The idea and goals behind weekly/bi-weekly low cost programming such as BYOG or open mic nights is to showcase Brock’s own talent,” said Bell. “Having the opportunity to grow and develop new skills beyond the classroom is what every student should look for while they attend post-secondary. We are excited to provide these opportunities and are always open to new ideas and initiatives to help grow the student life experience.”

For upcoming weekly events, visit busu.net or visit BUSU on Facebook and on Twitter @BrockBUSU

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