A Badger’s Homecoming after 30 years


Having just attended homecoming for the 40th anniversary of my graduation and not having seen the campus for 30 years, I wanted to share some of my impressions. The flood of emotions was sometimes overwhelming. Nine of us came back from our group of 1974. We walked through our old residence, although I didn’t get in to see my old room in Decew as the door was locked. I wanted to leave them a few beers and ask them to raise a toast to my former roommates.


We went to the Mansion House, which is still just as busy as it was 30 years ago. We also visited the old pub. That funny smell that used to be in there in my day seemed to be gone. We toasted friends, both present and absent. We toured the new buildings. We were laughing and cavorting just like old times. As a group of friends, we have stayed together: this was the richest gift that our time at Brock University gave us. The new friends you make become the foundation of your life; we are still a close bunch.

Brock gave us the education and the degrees we needed for our future. This gave us the resources to join a profession, make a living and raise a family. We cannot imagine how our lives might have been otherwise; we will always be forever grateful to Brock for this.


I remember watching Paul Henderson’s goal on a TV set up in Thistle. I remember the ski trips and the intramural hockey games. I remember coming back from the Pub (at 20 cents a draft where a mere $2 would take you a long way) arm-in-arm singing inappropriate songs at the top of our voices. I remember touch football and the madness which seemed to happen in the middle of the night at least once during exam time when everyone woke up and got on the balconies and just howled to let off steam.


Do the crows still come flying by at dawn when you pull an all-nighter? Do students still shove assignments under Professors doors at midnight? In my day, the tower was the only location with computers, if you wanted to compute, you had to take your data cards and find a station to use. A lot has clearly changed.

The September of my first year was the happiest month of my life. I laugh at the memories and cry a little because I can’t go back. To see it continue in the faces above a sea of red t-shirts brought it all back. So much happiness and school spirit made me proud to have been a part of it. Seeing the young faces making the most of their time makes me wish to go back and be a student again. There are so many more disciplines to study than we had. So many more beautiful facilities.

From the time of my graduation, Brock has expanded majorly. The student population has risen from 3,000 to about 18,000 — the growth is very impressive. I bought a bright red Brock sweatshirt and some t-shirts. They are several size larger than when I attended but I will wear them with pride. I’ve always been proud of being a Brock Badger but Homecoming send these feelings of pride into a frenzy.

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