13th floor sees a packed boardroom for third BUSAC meeting of the year


BUSAC held its third meeting of the academic year on Wednesday, Oct. 8, with the boardroom being more packed than usual due to the four presentations on the agenda. Executives from OUSA, Jimmy Norman on by-elections, and club-funding requests from Brock Improv and the John Nsame Foundation presenters were in attendance as well as a small crowd of student and community on-lookers.

The Ontario Undergraduate Students Alliance’s (OUSA) President Jen Carter and Executive Director Sean Madden were the first to present that evening, discussing what the association does for part-time and full-time students across the province and what their goals are for the year. Representing 140,000 undergraduates from seven student associations within Ontario, OUSA presents practical solutions that are well researched to the provincial government. Both Carter and Madden answered many questions, taking up most of the time during this week’s meeting.

Chief Returning Officer Jimmy Norman followed the OUSA presentation, discussing BUSAC councillors’ responsibilities and expectations regarding meeting attendance and volunteer hours at polling stations during the by-elections. Norman explained that those who are assisting with campaigns are given a leave of absence, but that this option should not be used as an alternative to missing BUSAC meetings.

Students from Brock Improv highlighted what their club does, its community significance, their summary expenses and revenue, and went through a final overview of their funding request. Their request of $2,500 will go towards funding transportation and lodging for three improv summits in Ontario and Quebec as well as a summit at Brock. CPC and BUSAC approved the club-funding request, as they are a very committed, passionate and active club on campus.

Bawe Nsame presented on behalf of the John Nsame Club, which works with a foundation of the same name that serves to enhance the academic skills of the underprivileged youth in Cameroon, allowing the residences to reach their full potential. Nsame founded JNF in 2008 and has since received student initiative funding from BUSU in 2013, reporting that the money would be used to fund his trip to Cameroon. The funds in fact went towards building an office in Cameroon that is fully equipped with a computer and Internet to enhance JNF’s communication with the village. Nsame’s presentation lacked a detailed summary of expenses, but instead cited a final amount of $2,900 that was used to purchase the t-shirts for the upcoming “#WhatIsABadger?” pep rally on Oct. 22. CPC, BUSU executives and BUSAC councillors approved a $2,900 loan, which is to be paid back after the pep rally.

According to BUSU.net, “a motion was brought forward by Councillor Evans to drop down to ‘Associate Membership’ in the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). The initial motion violated CASA’s bylaws so Councilor Evans motioned to amend. The amendment changed the timeframe to fit within CASA’s bylaws (giving 30 days’ notice). The amended notion failed and the motion was ruled out of order.”

Other changes to the agenda included the addition of councillor’s leave of absence during the upcoming by-elections. The next BUSAC meeting will take place Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 7:00 p.m., with elections results being ratified on Nov. 5. As always, these meetings are open to the public.

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