Talk Radio to take the stage at Sean O’Sullivan Theatre

Talk show host Barry Champlain has risen to fame in the radio world with what has become a very controversial late night radio talk show; according to Barry, it affected him in a way he never thought. Brock students will have a chance to play witness as the drama unfolds.  Intrigued? Coming to Brock’s Centre for the Arts this month is the Lakeside Players rendition of Eric Bogosian’s Pulitzer Prize nominated play, Talk Radio.  The play has been performed on and off Broadway and was also turned into a film directed by Oliver Stone in 1988 starring Eric Bogosian himself as Barry Champlain.

talk radio


Champlain is a shock-jock radio host whose show thrives on him cutting callers and listeners down with his controversial Liberal political views. The show gains popularity and high ratings because of how controversial Champlain is on the air, but as the story unfolds you learn that not everyone finds Barry’s show humorous, but rather some people become angry with the level of freedom he has on the radio. On the eve of the show’s final audition to go national he may have even pushed some listeners too far, breaking important relationships in his own life.

The play is humorous, politically scalding as well as tragic. Champlain as a character is very reflective of humanity but pessimistically sees the shallow sides of his callers which he feels gives him the right to cut into them and tell them how wrong they are. Not only does the show impact his insomnia ridden listeners, but the hate and popularity he receives from his show heavily impacts himself as well.

For those who wish to see what becomes of Barry Champlain and his show, the play will be at Brock’s Centre for the Arts Sean O’Sullivan Theatre on September 13 at 7:30 p.m. and Sept.  14 at 2:30 p.m. This show is a Hot Ticket event and therefore there are a limited number of $20 tickets for Brock students, so get yours quick and enjoy a night out at the theatre for a great price.  For more information about the Lakeside Player’s Talk Radio and for all other Hot Ticket events visit:

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