SLCE welcomes students back to Brock

By: Curtis Gadula

The Student Life & Community Experience team put together a Welcome Kit that was delivered to approximately 500 student households on Wednesday, Sept. 3rd. This kit is distributed as part of the Brock University Welcome Wagon initiative, an integral part of their responsible citizenship campaign. Student Life & Community Experience partnered with community members from Thorold Fire Services, St. Catharines’ Fire Service, St. Catharines’ By-law Enforcement, St. Catharines’ Councillor Joe Kushner, Niagara Region Waste Management, and local business partners from Fulton Fitness, Cat’s Caboose, and Mahtay Café. The goal of the initiative is to provide students and community residents with information and materials they will need to be a good neighbour and have a positive experience in the community. This kit included information about topics and services related to student housing, including waste management, volunteering in the Niagara region, shopping, responsible partying and much more.

Additional kits will be distributed in the coming weeks during a variety of Community Engagement Stations facilitated by the Student Life team as they continue the launch of their 2014 responsible citizenship campaign.

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