OPIRG launches the Brock Positivity Project this week

The Brock Positivity Project run by OPIRG launched on Sept. 8 with the hope of making Brock a healthier and happier community. The goals of the Positivity Project are simple yet vital: strengthen the students’ support networks, increase awareness of the resources available to students, break the stigmas associated with mental illness and build a positive sense of community. The project has been hugely influenced by positive psychology, which focuses on how people can become happier and more fulfilled in life.

The Brock Positivity ProjectThe project was started by Elise Lee Lai, a psychology student and avid volunteer at the Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre, who saw a need for a more positive approach to mental health issues that students f ace on a daily basis. She approached OPIRG-Brock for more support in launching the project, which is now an initiative of the group.

OPIRG’s role in the project consists of addressing mental health issues as an integral part of their mandate to improve the lives of Brock students. OPIRG has been able to provide the project with funding, marketing and administrative support to help get the project off the ground. Nicely tying in with OPIRG’s own objectives, the Positive Project compliments the issues of social justice that deal with serious problems in the world including poverty, animal cruelty, and environmental devastation that can have an emotional and physical toll on people everywhere. The Positivity Project allows a positive approach to the world’s troubles.

The Brock Positivity Project wants students to feel like they can contribute to the happiness of their peers and those around them. Bringing positive forces into the community is important to overall well-being and that is what the Positivity Project seeks to do. Later this year, the Brock Positivity Project will be partnering with Fed Up The Affordable Food Project to hang out free food in the halls to help students de-stress through nutrition breaks.

Mental health problems are on the rise among students with the most common issues among university-aged students being stress, anxiety and depression – something we all face at varying levels. Students are swamped with stresses from academics, health, social lives, parental expectations, and financial problems the moment the school year starts. Preventing these mental health problems and stresses will prove to be more effective for the students and the general community in the long run.

The project is currently looking for student volunteers. To volunteer, sign up at yourbrock.org/volunteer

For more information on the Brock Positivity Project, see YourBrock.org or drop by the OPIRG-Brock office located in Room 204A of the Student Alumni Centre.

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