New app helps students get involved on campus

Students are constantly bombarded today by well-meaning people, usually other students telling them to get involved on campus. It’s important to meet and network with new people, to find yourself in new social settings and different groups that offer a totally unique take on life or so we are told. But many students can find this difficult and sometimes overwhelming.

Some students are just naturals at meeting new people and making new friends, but for many others, meeting like-minded classmates on campus can be a trying experience.

Although universities are home to many different clubs and tons of social movements, campaigns and other initiatives that offer tons of ways to get involved at your school, staying informed about them and finding your way in isn’t easy. They don’t plaster their posters and advertisements all over campus and between school and working, getting sidetracked comes naturally.

Thanks to a group of innovative students based in Ottawa, however, “students now have [an] easier way to learn about them and to get involved at university,” said Elias Fares, the president and CEO behind the new mobile app called Campusgrids. The app is free and is aimed directly at students who are looking to meet likeminded students with similar interests.

Campusgrids started in Ottawa but is “now being launched right across Canada and will allow campus clubs and societies to network with students and share information about their events and activities,” Fares said.

The app is a convenient and easy way to get in touch with all the clubs and different groups on campus. Students using the app will be able to find out what clubs are available and the activities and events they offer, all from their mobile phone.

The platform is simple and user-friendly and allows you to network easily at your own pace with other students.

To learn more, Brock students can visit or download the app!

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