Letter to the editor

This letter to the editor is in regards to an article published on Aug. 26, 2014 in The Brock Press. Although the author described an internet that is restrictive and does not allow individuals to earn money in an honest way — that is not entirely true. Just as an individual can use the stock markets as a way to make money, so can they use the internet — the only stipulation to both of these scenarios are that they must be expertly knowledgeable.

I agree that if you plan to try making a career out of poetry, blog writing or content writing on the web, you’re going to sell your hard work for next to nothing. Besides sites that hire pay-per-article contract work: you’re essentially out of luck.

However, if you’re willing to take an online course in HTML design, app building or graphic design on Udemy or any of the hundreds of courses offered online for free, a host of new money-making opportunities will open up for you.

Although making money on the internet might be seen as a side job for most people, it requires the same persistence as a full-time career. In order to get to the elite status of a profit-generating website or content creating website, you will have to put in hours of code, you’ll have to suffer through perhaps years of making cents through Google AdSense before anyone ever gives you a dollar up-front. The road to success on the internet is not an easy one — it is also not one that is available to every skill set.

The democratization of writing, through Blogger, Twitter and Facebook means that a lot more individuals are able to express their views and opinions, it also means that there is a lot less demand for your views and opinions. That is, unless you have the resources and design skills to market your work and site effectively through social media and continuously update the content you deliver. The internet is not a scratch ticket, more than anything it requires skill development and time. Buy a domain name, but don’t stop there. An un-updated blog means that a blogger won’t be succeeding anytime soon.

– Nicholas Vallance

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