Brock English professor receives top academic honour

On Sept 9, Elizabeth Sauer, an English Language and Literature professor at Brock, was elected to the Royal Society of Canada — the greatest academic honour in the country.


Founded in 1882, The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) is the senior Canadian collegium of distinguished scholars, artists and scientists. The Society is dedicated to increasing and supporting research in the arts, humanities as well as the sciences.

“As the pinnacle of academic achievement, it represents the greatest honour for me”, Sauer said.

“My election [to the RSC] was made possible by a collective. I would like to thank Brock President, Jack Lightstone, my primary nominator.” She also credits the support of many others, including VP Research Dr. Gary Libben and her external referees, as well as her peers in the Humanities Division of the RSC.

Among the courses currently taught by Sauer during the 2014-2015 school year at Brock University are English and History classes that range from literary criticism and literature of the English Revolution at the third and fourth year levels, to a graduate course that examines literary representations of nationhood across four centuries.

As seen from the diversity of classes she teaches, she has a breadth of knowledge and interests, which she explores through her research. Although she is considered to be a Milton expert, she is currently in the process of beginning a book focusing on Early Modern English Nationhood and the Transatlantic Literature

Sauer is grateful not only for this new election, but as well for her past Fellowships that allowed her to focus on her research. She is a recipient of a Canada Council Killam Research Fellowship and of a recent Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant which is funding the writing of her current work.

If you see Sauer walking through the halls of Brock or have the privilege of enrolling in one of her classes, be sure to congratulate her as she brings the name of Brock University to the highest levels of academic honour.


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